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Fedez in court: «I have nothing». But it’s all registered to his companies

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Fedez in court: «I have nothing».  But it’s all registered to his companies

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«Nobody loves you when you’re down and out», sang John Lennon. That is: no one loves you when you’re out of the picture. Federico Leonardo Lucia, aka Fedez, has certainly frequented completely different music, but this time Lennon’s saying adheres to him better than a pair of Supreme shoes. In fact, he comes across an old statement of his in court in which he declared himself to be penniless and immediately the umpteenth media pillory begins towards the other half of the Ferragnez family.

Statements to the judge

“During a trial I was asked a question by the judge about which movable and immovable assets are registered in my name,” said the rapper dedicated to influencer marketing. «I replied the truth: that I didn’t register anything in my name and therefore I am technically penniless because everything is registered in the name of my family’s companies, as happens with many businessmen and women in this country. If I had said otherwise I would have lied in front of a judge and committed a crime.” Fedez, speaking to Repubblica online, refers to a hearing in a defamation trial against Codacons which was held in Milan in 2020.

Codacons requests a verification from the Gdf

For the artist under contract with Warner Music, the articles reporting his response to the judge on that occasion “give readers the wrong idea by reporting my statement in a completely decontextualised way”. To Codacons who asked the financial police for a tax audit, the rapper husband of Chiara Ferragni he says: «My companies are available for any possible checks by the competent authorities, we have nothing to fear or hide».

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Once upon a time there were the Ferragnez

Everything changes very quickly in what Guy Debord defined as a society of the spectacle. In 2020, at the time of the Codacons complaint, Fedez and his wife Chiara Ferragni were somewhat of the organic intellectuals of contemporary Italy. Two who made themselves, on social media and/or in the recording studio. Two for whom everything is forgiven, even a few wasteful night parties in a rented supermarket. Two examples to follow: they create jobs, they donate beds to hospitals dealing with the Covid emergency, they come interviewed by Prime Minister Conte to raise awareness among young people about viruses and surroundings.

The pandoro of discord

A sort of third way between John & Yoko and Totti and Ilary which reached its peak in Sanremo 2023, when Ferragni co-hosted thinking of herself as free while Fedez in the audience at the Ariston offered the right and also something else Rosa Chemical in support of the LGBT+ cause. Heavens open: never-ending political controversies, because in the meantime Meloni has arrived at Palazzo Chigi and with Giorgia the Ferragnez they were never caught and they will never be caught. So it happened that Ferragni stumbled upon the Balocco pandoro. From that precise moment the story around the most beautiful couple in influencer marketing has reached antipodes, with a corollary of investing companies that are now almost in a rush to remove themselves from any connection with the brand.

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