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Fedez in Court: «I have nothing, everything is registered in the name of my companies». Codacons statement to Finance: «Shedding light»

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Fedez in Court: «I have nothing, everything is registered in the name of my companies».  Codacons statement to Finance: «Shedding light»

by Milan editorial team

The rapper’s statements in Court in Milan in 2020. The consumer association has reconstructed the changes to the corporate structure in the last five years

«I would say without property, because it is all registered in the name of my companies, therefore without property»: this is how Federico Leonardo Lucia, aka Fedez, responded to the question put to him in court in Milan in 2020 «whether he was the owner of real estate or registered movable property: ships, motorcycles, cars…”. This can be read in a complaint sent in recent days by Codacons to the Guardia di Finanza of Milan and Rome. For the consumer association, the rapper would have used «an expression which, in a synthetic but effective way, brings out a personality inclined to “exploit” to his own advantage the mechanisms through which personal wealth is hidden, a situation where it is very situations of tax avoidance or outright evasion may frequently arise”.

«During a trial I was asked a question by the judge about which movable and immovable assets are registered in my name – confirmed Fedez -. I answered the truth, that I didn’t register anything in my name and therefore I am technically penniless because everything is registered in the name of my family’s companies, as is the case for many businessmen and women in this country. If I had said otherwise I would have lied in front of a judge and committed a crime.”

In the complaint, Codacons asks to shed light on the companies attributable to Fedez. Through a technical report created by Gian Gaetano Bellavia (formerly a consultant for Report), the association has reconstructed a scheme in which all “the assets attributable to Fedez and all the changes to the corporate structures that involved the rapper’s companies” would be summarized.

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«The Group is firmly in the hands of the Zedef company, which is headed by Fedez’s family of origin and that is, in addition to himself, his mother and father who also hold key corporate positions in the company itself – we read in the complaint -. Over the course of a five-year period, numerous extraordinary operations have taken place which have led the group to take on ever-changing structures. Further and specific considerations can be carried out by evaluating the type of extraordinary operations carried out. The choice to activate institutions such as reverse mergers and asymmetric non-proportional splits highlights the mastery with refined and highly complex consultancy systems that go beyond a simple economic or development need, as emerges from reading the relevant (extremely detailed) notarial deeds and by the financial flows, well represented in the attached documents, which reveal a very very complex fiscal operation. Another aspect to consider is the dense network of business relationships with new entities which outlines the attached reconstruction and represents a leap in quality, in strategic terms, compared to what was previously observed. The situation deserves a broader analysis in order to grasp the underlying strategic reasons which, although potentially legitimate, can sometimes go beyond and deviate into a form of “occult and transversal power” the knowledge of which cannot remain extraneous to the institutional activity of the Corps », we read in the Codacons note.

The complaint was presented coinciding with the hearing, before the Gup of the Court of Rome Marisa Mosetti, to decide on the indictment of Fedez for the crime of slander against Codacons. At the center of the story are the accusations made by the rapper to the consumer association regarding an alleged misleading banner published in 2020 on the Codacons website regarding Coronavirus. The Rome Prosecutor’s Office has now asked the Court to try Fedez for slander.

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«Fedez has a short memory, and does not remember that the criminal proceedings against him initiated following a complaint from Codacons have not all been archived – explains the association in a note, replying to Fedez’s videos -. In fact, next May 6th the rapper will have to answer for the crime of slander against Codacons in a proceeding opened before the Court of Rome, and on that occasion he will also have to answer the questions that will be asked by our lawyers.”

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