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Felipe Anderson lands the hat trick

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Felipe Anderson lands the hat trick


90’+50′ – The match ends

The match ends, Lazio wins 3-1. Nerves on edge at the end.


85′ – Palo di Kamada

Served by Pedro Kamada enters the area, bypassing Zappa, then shoots with his right: the post goes out. Opportunity for Japanese.


84′ – It’s Pedro’s turn too

Isaksen out and Pedro in for Lazio.


78′ – Kamada’s moment comes

Cataldi out and Kamada in after five benches. Vecino now becomes a director.


74′ – Ranieri plays the Pavoletti card

Pavoletti inside for Lapadula, so Ranieri changes in this final.


73′ – Shot by Luvumbo, Provedel always attentive

Luvumbo’s left-handed shot from distance, with Provedel’s fists well blocked in the corner. The Lazio goalkeeper played an excellent match.


68′ – Heavy yellow for Romagnoli

Foul on Lapadula and card for Romagnoli: he was warned, he won’t be there against Bologna.


65′ – Lazio scores with Felipe Anderson

Perfect counterattack with Castellanos, who unloads for Vecino and passes to Felipe Anderson. Return to the right and deflected shot by Zappa: goal and 1-3.


62′ – Double substitution for Sarri

Vecino in for Luis Alberto and Immobile out for Castellanos. Sarri’s first moves.


60′ – Provedel says no twice

First on Makoumbou’s shot, then on a shot from outside by Gateano. Cagliari close to the equalizer. Lazio is now suffering.


58′ – Play by Luis Alberto, ball just wide

Luis Alberto settles the ball on the right from the edge: tense shot, the ball goes out by a whisker. Now there are many opportunities for Lazio to extend.


54′ – Motionless close to the hat trick

Low cross from the right by Marusic, Immobile doesn’t find the right time when sliding. Important goal ball for Lazio. The game heated up.


51′ – What a fantastic goal from Gaetano!

Right-footed shot from outside that ends up under the top corner for 1-2. Great goal from the talent on loan from Napoli.

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49′ – Lazio goal with Immobile!

Isaksen’s shot rejected by Scuffet, Immobile arrives and scores his 200th goal in Serie A from a tight angle. Lazio goes 2-0 with a difficult shot from the Lazio striker with little angle to score.


47′ – Cagliari started strong

Immediately great opportunity for Cagliari with Lapadula, his shot from inside the area ends up just wide.


46′ – We start again with changes for Cagliari

Inside Dossena and Luvumbo for Azzi and Viola. Thus begins the second half.


45’+2′ – Cagliari close to scoring, then the end of the first half

Viola’s free kick and the ball goes in for Lapadula’s head: Provedel responds with his feet on the line. Cagliari protests for a foul on Mina in the area during the free kick. Di Bello awaits the VAR, there is nothing. So we go to rest.


45’+1′ – Immobile booked

Foul from behind by Immobile on Mina, yellow for the Lazio striker.


44′ – Excellent action by Lazio which leads to Luis Alberto shooting

Through pass from Guendouzi into the area for the insertion of Luis Alberto, who controls and shoots with his right foot. Ball slightly high.


39′ – Flood in Cagliari

Heavy rain on the Unipol Domus pitch. Sarri holed up under his bench, Ranieri standing and wearing a hood to remote control him.


31′ – Immobile close to doubling the lead: there is offside

Posted by Luis Alberto for Immobile who shoots from a slightly tight angle in front of Scuffet: saved. However, the Lazio striker is offside.


26′ – Lazio take the lead: own goal

Lazio takes the free kick quickly and Isaksen passes the ball inside from the left: Deiola’s own goal after Azzi’s free-kick. Ball in the net and Lazio in the lead.


21′ – Lightning-fast restart by Isaksen: he comes close to scoring

Corner for Cagliari and ball released by the Lazio defense. Isaksen starts from before the halfway line and flies towards the area: the shot at the end is weak and Scuffet blocks.

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19′ – Viola shows up

Low left foot from the edge for Viola: weak and central ball, Provedel blocks it without problems.


18′ – Lazio tries

Attitude of the Biancocelesti, aggressive against Cagliari, who instead play on the counterattacks. For now, however, the match is balanced.


7′ – Motionless close to scoring

Sudden ball for Immobile in depth, who doesn’t think twice and shoots. Scuffet rejects with a great save. Corner, the third in these first minutes.


5′ – Scuffet also makes a great save

Corner by Luis Alberto, series of rebounds and touch by Gaetano towards his goal. Scuffet stretches well and puts it back in the corner.


4′ – Great save by Provedel, but there is offside

Azzi serves inside for Makoumbou who shoots towards the goal and Provedel blocks. Everything stopped though, offside for Azzi.


1′ – Cagliari-Lazio begins

Let’s go! It’s raining in Cagliari and the stadium is very hot. Lazio with the classic white and blue uniform, Cagliari with their home uniform.


Pedro’s words in the pre

“We have to play a good game, today we have the opportunity to get the three points. We can’t make mistakes, we hope to have a good performance and a good game to get the three fundamental points for us. Preparation? It wasn’t easy, never it’s when you come from a defeat, but we prepared the match well. Is it important to win today? Very important, we have to continue fighting until the end in the championship. SIt certainly gives us a lot of confidence to face Bayern Munich and the others in the league.”


Lazio is holding on to Ciro Immobile

Among the teams present in this Serie A, only against Genoa (14) Ciro Immobile has scored more goals than against Cagliari in Serie A: 12, including five in the last six matches; on target in the last round against Atalanta (his 199th goal in the competition), the 1990-born player could become the eighth player to score at least 200 goals in the Italian top flight, as well as the fourth to reach this figure in the last 45 years, together with Roberto Baggio, Francesco Totti and Antonio Di Natale.

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Cagliari’s numbers against Lazio

Cagliari have not won any of their last 17 matches against Lazio in Serie A (D3, L14): Among the teams in this championship, the Biancoceleste is the team that the Sardinians have not currently beaten in multiple games in a row in the top flight.


Cagliari-Lazio, the official lineups

CAGLIARI (4-3-2-1): Scuffet; Zappa, Mina, Obert, Azzi; Nandez, Makoumbou, Deiola; Gaetano, Viola; Lapadula. Available: Radunovic, Aresti, Dossena, Prati, Jankto, Wieteska, Augello, Pavoletti, Petagna, Luvumbo, Di Pardo. All.: Ranieri

LAZIO (4-3-3): Provedel; Marusic, Gila, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Guendouzi, Cataldi, Louis Albert; Stake, Immobile, Philip Anderson. A disp.:Mandas, Sepe, Lazzari, Casale, Pellegrini, Neighbor, Comrade, Napolitano, Castellanos, Peter, Sana Fernandes. All.: Sarri.


Lazio’s numbers against Cagliari

Lazio have won eight of the last nine matches against Cagliari in Serie A (1N), scoring exactly two goals on average per game in this part and conceding more than one goal only when they failed to win (2-2, 19 September 2021 ).


Lazio, the official training

LAZIO (4-3-3): Provedel; Marusic, Gila, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Guendouzi, Cataldi, Louis Albert; Stake, Immobile, Philip Anderson. Disp.: Mandas, Sepe, Lazzari, Casale, Pellegrini, Neighbor, Kamada, Napolitano, Castellanos, Peter, Sana Fernandes. All.: Sarri.


Soon the start of Cagliari-Lazio

Lazio is chasing a victory to avoid the crisis. Delicate moment in the Biancoceleste home and in Sardinia against Cagliari the only thing that matters is scoring points. Kick-off at 3pm.

Cagliari – Unipol Domus

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