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Fernando Alonso on the Formula 1 podium in Bahrain | Sports

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Fernando Alonso on the Formula 1 podium in Bahrain |  Sports

The new season of Formula 1 has started. There are no surprises in the first place, but it is in the third position!

Source: Profimedia/Xavi Bonilla / DPPI/LiveMedia

The new Formula 1 season began with a race in Bahrain, where two-time back-to-back champion Max Verstappen took first place, ahead of Red Bull clubmate Sergio Perez, who was second, and ahead of the legendary Fernando Alonsowho finished in a spectacular third place in an Aston Martin car.

Alonso (41) took advantage of the fact that Ferrari ace Charles Leclerc retired after a fierce battle for second position with Sergio Perez. The car of the Italian team had problems like last season and the driver from Monte Carlo had to give up 16 laps before the end, which Alonso took advantage of. He started fifth, then dropped to seventh, but overtook Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The Spaniard overtook Hamilton in a particularly attractive way, doing so inside the 10th corner, which drivers rarely use for overtaking on the track in Bahrain. See how the champion who drove the first F1 race back in 2001 in Australia does it:

While Verstappen drove “against himself” throughout the entire race, there were big battles behind him, and once again there are tragedies in the Ferrari team, which will obviously and have big problems this season to counter the dominant Red Bull. “We are very much behind them“, said Leclerc after the forced end of the race before the end.

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The next race, the second of this season, is scheduled for March 19 in Saudi Arabia.

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