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Ferragamo Campaign “New Renaissance” – MONDO MODA

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Ferragamo Campaign “New Renaissance” – MONDO MODA

Members of the new extended community of Ferragamo are imagined as timeless protagonists of Italian Renaissance masterpieces, while a parallel series of images provide insight into the process: Renaissance a symbol of rebirth, a collective effort under construction.

Ferragamo Renaissance Collection @ Tyler Mitchell

Central to the Florentine experience that guided Ferragamo’s creativity, the heartbeat symbol of the Renaissance celebration was Italy’s Uffizi gallery.

Started by Giorgio Vasari as offices – uffizi – for Cosmo I de’Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1569, it was one of the first modern museums, opening its gallery to the public in 1769 and becoming a museum just under a century later . Throughout Ferragamo’s history in Florence, the Uffizi gallery has been there, a guiding light reminding us of the importance of new ideas, art, beauty and creativity.

Ferragamo Renaissance Collection @ Tyler Mitchell

Today Ferragamo chooses to partner with the Uffizi – home to one of the symbols of the Renaissance, the “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli – to present Creative Director Maximilian Davis’ vision for the brand, using some of the most famous artworks of the centuries. 15 and 16 to serve as a backdrop for his work.

Ferragamo Renaissance Collection @ Tyler Mitchell

By placing muses, friends and members of its diverse creative community in sharp tailoring and exquisite suiting, with richly textured fabrics, bold materials and colors, the Hug bag and archives inspired the golden sandal in the context of the work of Bellini, Veronese and Botticelli, Davis created a dialogue between the past and the present, where both the spirits of the Renaissance and the luxurious world of the 21st century were cast in different overlapping reliefs.

Ferragamo Renaissance Collection @ Tyler Mitchell

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Campaign Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer and Video Director: Tyler Mitchell
Cast: Vittoria Ceretti – Model, Anok Yai – Model, Lina Zhang – Model, Jessica Stam – Model, Mona Tougaard – Model, Paul Hameline – Model, Iván de Pineda – Model, Malick Bodian – Model, Taemin Park – Model, Zainab Jama – Creative Consultant and Strategist, Kelela – Singer and Songwriter, Yasmina Dexter – Sound Artist, Tyler Mitchell – Photographer and Video Director

Ferragamo Renaissance Collection @ Tyler Mitchell

Featured Works: Alesso Baldovinetti, Annunciation (1457), Giovanni Bellini, Sacred Allegory (1490-1500), Paolo Veronese, Annunciation (1570-75), Francesco Granacci, Joseph Conducted to Prison (1515), Giorgio Vasari, Retarto de Alessandro de Medici (1534), Botticelli, Portrait of a Man with a Cosimo Medal (1475), Botticelli, The Annunciation of San Martino alla Scala (1481), Piero della Francesca, Portrait of the Dukes of Urbino Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza ( 1467-1472).

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