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Fight against terrorism: Malians and Russians hard at work – Une Plume du Mali

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Fight against terrorism: Malians and Russians hard at work – Une Plume du Mali

Assimi Goïta, the president of Mali meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of July 2023 via Wikicommons

During the day of Wednesday February 28, 2024, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, and his Defense colleague, Colonel Sadio Camara, took part in a bilateral meeting with the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow. The opportunity for the Malian authorities to welcome the revitalization of relations between the two countries and above all the successes of the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) on the ground.

“One of the most emblematic illustrations of the links that exist between Russia and Mali is the success achieved on the ground to allow Mali to exercise its full sovereignty and benefit from the integrity of its territory”, rejoices Abdoulaye Diop. Statement made during the press briefing organized during the visit.

The Chairman of the State Duma met with the Chairman of the National Transitional Council of the Republic of Mali, Malick Diaw. VIA Wikicommons

“Mutual support”

Welcoming the strengthening of the strategic and economic relations of the two countries, the head of Malian diplomacy expressed his gratitude to the Russian Federation for the support in international bodies, in particular as part of Mali’s request for the withdrawal of Minusma (United Nations Integrated Mission in Mali) and the lifting of sanctions. “I would like to appreciate Russia’s lucidity in relation to the attention it has paid to the interest of the countries with which it has cooperation, the interest of the populations, the political choice to govern themselves,” Did he like it?.

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According to the head of Malian diplomacy, “the mutual support” of the two States is based on the sharing of a certain number of values. These include, among other things, non-interference in the affairs of other countries, respect for political choices and the non-instrumentalization of human rights in international and sub-regional institutions.

In addition to cooperation with Moscow, Abdoulaye Diop stressed the need for the creation of the Alliance of Sahel States (bringing together Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso) to meet the challenges of the region. “I think that this is what is important to remember today within the framework of the Alliance of Sahel States,” he assures. We are working to achieve what we could not achieve within the framework of ECOWAS”.

In Mali, the government received new combat aircraft on Tuesday which will strengthen its air fleet in the fight against terrorism. Story in the press via Wikicommons

Rise of the FAMa

Returning to Mali’s withdrawal from ECOWAS, the Minister of Foreign Affairs considered the organization as an “instrument of foreign powers”. It is “certain powers who seek to create disorder in our region and who seek to use our institutions to be able to create problems”he added.

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This visit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Defense colleague to the Russian capital comes in a context of revitalization of relations between the two countries. A new era marked by the rise in power of the Malian Defense and Security Forces.
Three months later the triumphal entry of the FAMa into the mythical city of Kidal, the Malian army is yearning for a new lease of life. Recurrent terrorist attacks targeting peaceful peasants and military camps only face sporadic ambushes from small groups in disarray.

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