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Fight between Vojvodina and Partizan fans in Novi Sad | Info

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Fight between Vojvodina and Partizan fans in Novi Sad |  Info

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Red Gang-

Uncle Zitko PFK

I remember in 2007 when a member of the former Alcatraz killed a Vojvodina fan with a firearm. It’s really pathetic and sad. When you look at it today, these companies are no longer there. I just don’t know who Grobari was fighting with. All in all, I’m not supporter of such scenes.


Whoever got into a fight has no excuse for it. Prison for 10 years. And for those 10 years, prisoners beat them with those chairs that they broke every day. Such people cannot go to the stadium or move around the city freely. It doesn’t matter who the hooligans are, neither club nor group nor anything. These are no longer fans, but young hooligans full of energy, ready to work in the quarry. If he got tired at a private house or in a factory, he wouldn’t have time or energy to wander, but would lie in bed on Saturday afternoon. Only to prison and without a trial. Accelerated procedure, and introduce into the Constitution mandatory hard physical work in all prisons, without days off.

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