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Fighter – Leotar statement Vinko Marinović Marko Maksimović | Sport

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Fighter – Leotar statement Vinko Marinović Marko Maksimović |  Sport

The coaches of Borca and Leotar, Vinko Marinović and Marko Maksimović, agree that the people of Banja Luka deservedly won the 23rd round of the m:tel Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: MONDO/Dragan Šutvić

On the wings of Nikola Ninković, who was the scorer and assistant to Enver Kulašin, the red and blue team recorded their 13th league victory at the City Stadium and continued their fight for placement in Europe.

In a statement to Arena Sport after the game, Vinko Marinović congratulated his team on the well-deserved victory, which now ensures a more peaceful international break.

“I congratulate the players on the new victory, what was important for us was to win the second game and tie two victories so that they could go to the national team break calmly and prepare as well as possible for the continuation of the championship. We kept the game under control, the victory is deserved”, said the coach of Borca.

His colleague from the Trebinje bench, Marko Maksimović, congratulated the red and blue team on their well-deserved victory and his team on a quality match.

“I would like to congratulate the boys for everything they showed tonight, and in the announcement of the match we knew that Borac was the favorite. I think we ran well, we were not specific in the attack as was the agreement to try to threaten Borac through the transition and to take the lead in order to made the match interesting. In the end we had a post, maybe some more chances, but in the end it was a good atmosphere, a perfect pitch and refereeing at an enviable level. I congratulate Borac on the victory, and we have to regenerate and prepare for the last third of the championship “, added the head of the profession Leotara.

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