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Final Fantasy 16 would be selling less than 15 overseas

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Final Fantasy 16 would be selling less than 15 overseas

Final Fantasy XVIthe new chapter in the Square Enix series, has just been released on the market but apparently the first sales figures are rather tepid.

Looking forward to the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake (find the edition Intergrade are Amazon), the sixteenth official episode has in fact the burden of relaunching the saga,

Now, after we’ve reported that FFXVI is receiving review bombing on Metacriticanother not exactly exciting news arrives.

As also reported by TheGamersales data has revealed that Final Fantasy XVI is the best-selling retail release in the UK this week, even though launch sales sthey were 74% lower compared to those of Final Fantasy XV.

While the critical reception has so far been largely positive, it seems that the game has not made the bang that Square had hoped for in terms of sales, at least in relation to the retail version in the United Kingdom.

As reported by Christopher Dring, head of GamesIndustry.bizUK sales data show that, although Final Fantasy XVI both in the lead, the units sold they are much less compared to those of the fifteenth main chapter of the series.

Dring shared data on Twitter commenting that the launch has not been “particularly strong” for the series.

Although this might throw some fans of panic Final Fantasy, there are several factors to consider: first, the installed base of PS5 is smaller than Final Fantasy XVwhich was not exclusive to PlayStation.

Secondly it is also worth considering that Final Fantasy XVI it came out at the end of a console generation cheaperwhich meant that more people had access to the systems needed to play the game.

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Also, as noted by Dring, this figure doesn’t take into account digital sales of the game, which are obviously a much bigger part of the equation today than they were back in the day. Final Fantasy XV has been published, not to mention that these data are only indicative of sales in the United Kingdom, therefore the matter may be different in other parts of the world.

Moreover, the same producer Naoki Yoshida has declared that the name Final Fantasy means different things to different people, which has created a “split” among fans regarding the 16th chapter.

Still with regard to not exactly positive testimonials, some players of Final Fantasy XVI are reporting that their PS5 consoles get hot during particularly intense gameplay.

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