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Find out who Buba is, the trans character from “Renascer”

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Find out who Buba is, the trans character from “Renascer”

Gabriela Medeiros plays the character Be there no remake “Reborn”. The 22-year-old actress makes her debut on TV Globo’s prime time show, giving life to a character that is different from the one imagined in the original version of the soap opera.

However, this is not the artist’s first work, as she was already part of the cast of the Globoplay series “Vicky and Musa”. Despite having started her career in theater at the age of 14, Gabriela studied Psychology at college and worked in the financial market, but she gave up everything in favor of her dream of being an actress.

Trans woman, Gabriela Medeiros still represents one of the biggest changes in her character’s story in the remake signed by Bruno Luperinet of Benedito Ruy Barbosaauthor of the original novel.

While in the version released in 1993, Buba was an intersex person – who does not fit into the typical binary notions of male or female bodies -, in the current version of “Renascer”, the character appears as a transsexual woman, fighting against the stigmas of her gender identity.

No remake, José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) will have a lot of difficulty dealing with the discovery that Buba is a trans woman and will initially react negatively.

Actresses Maria Luisa Mendonça and Gabriela Medeiros / Photo1: TV Globo/Reproduction | Photo2: @gabrielamedeiros/Instagram/Reproduction

However, in the first version of the plot, the story took a different path. At the beginning of the second phase of the soap opera, José Venâncio already had a two-year relationship with Buba, and the boy already knew that the young woman was intersexual.

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While Gabriela Medeiros’ Buba will fight to reaffirm herself as a woman in society, the character written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa was haunted by the possibility of people discovering her secret.

One of the great arcs that accompanied the original soap opera was the mystery that Buba carried, never making his gender completely explicit.


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