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“Fioravanti and Mambro have nothing to do with it”. She’s a storm

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“Fioravanti and Mambro have nothing to do with it”.  She’s a storm

Bologna, 5 August 2023 – “I know for sure that with the Bologna massacre they have nothing to do with it FioravantiMambro and Ciavardini. It’s not an opinion: I know it with absolute certainty”. The head of institutional communication of the Lazio Region, Marcello De Angelisn, wrote it in a post on Facebook and the controversies immediately exploded.

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Massacre of Bologna, the victims of August 2, 1980

“And in reality everyone knows it: journalists, magistrates and ‘institutional offices’ – he continues in his post – And if I tell the truth, they, alas, are lying. But like Christian martyrs I will never agree to deny the truth to save me from the lions. I can demonstrate to anyone with average intelligence and a minimum of intellectual honesty that Fioravanti, Mambro and Ciavardini had nothing to do with the massacre. It is not up to me to say who is responsible, even if I think I have very clear ideas on the matter as well as on who, for more than 40 years, has been responsible for the misdirections. I limit myself to saying that whoever, every year and in a crusade tone, cries out for sacrilege if someone asks for further information on the matter certainly has something to hide”.

De Angelis concludes by inviting us to relaunch his thinking. “Liking this post is not enough – he writes – you have to relaunch it and share it… otherwise they won, the apostles of lies”.

Bolognesi: “The certainties of the ball players”

“These are the certainties of the balloonists which do not take into account process results and the investigations that have been made over the years. I truly believe that he is an incorrigible man who thinks that his word surpasses all tests – comments Paolo Bolognesi, president of the association of family members of the victim of the Bologna massacre – but he did not speak of the Palestinian trail, it is clear that it is going out of fashion ”.

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The outrage of the Anpi

“The declarations on the Bologna massacre by De Angelis confirm that we had done well in asking for the revocation of the appointment of those who are incompatible with the values ​​of the democratic and anti-fascist Republic of the Constitution: to declare the innocence of the recognized fascists responsible for the massacre of the Bologna is not alone disavow the truth definitively ascertained by the judiciary, but it is one shameful and blatant lie that offends the victims and the very institution represented by its author”. The president of the PNA and a member of the national secretariat says so Fabrizio De Saints demanding that De Angelis “resign” or President Rocca “immediately revoke his appointment”.

Outrage also from the Pd secretariat, “The president of the Lazio Rocca region does not distance himself from his spokesman Marcello De Angelis, a former Nar terrorist – writes on Twitter Sandro Ruotolo, from the Pd secretariat -, who attacks the president Mattarella and how many remember the fascist matrix of the massacre at the Bologna station?”.

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