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Fire in San Miguel: houses affected, 20 fire units and everything about the incident | chemicals | Lima Avenue | PERU

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Fire in San Miguel: houses affected, 20 fire units and everything about the incident |  chemicals |  Lima Avenue |  PERU

This morning a category 4 fire was reported in a chemical warehouse located on Lima Street, in the San Miguel district. Residents of the area indicated that they heard explosions that caused windows of the surrounding houses to break.

To control the fire, about 20 firefighter units were needed, who were alerted by the security personnel of the aforementioned district.

“It has been on on the first, second and third floors. Now we have the second and third floors lit, with a lot of chemical material. We are controlling with scale units to prevent the spread of the fire to other sectors. Around 20 firefighter units have been transferred, but we are asking for more due to the issue of water supply,” said Commander Rafael Loza, head of the Departmental Command of Lima Centro.

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To date, no further details of the incident are known. However, thanks to the testimony of the San Miguel Citizen Security manager, Carlos Tineo, it was confirmed that the affected establishment operated as a hardware store and even had the corresponding permit granted by the municipality.

“We have information that this location operated and had authorization to operate as a hardware store. The warehouse belongs to Mrs. Tani Valladares Hoyos, who has shown the authorization given to her by the municipality. But it would be necessary to see if it was operating as a hardware store or not. The truth is that we have become aware and have alerted the San Miguel, San Isidro and Callao Fire Company,” she said.

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Firefighters were injured

The general commander of the Fire Department, Carlos Morales, reported that the third floor of this warehouse was where the fire was most concentrated, since a large part of the flammable materials were stored there.

“Where the greatest amount of chemicals was seen was on the third floor. There we found chemicals and gas cylinders. These generated the smoke, which we hope does not cause any considerable damage to our eyesight,” he declared.

Additionally, the Fire Commander indicated that three members of the fire department were injured during the fire control operation. One of them suffered burns caused by chemicals, while the other two suffered heat stroke.

Districts affected by air pollution

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi) reported that the air pollutants generated by the fire at the Lima Street warehouse would mainly affect the districts of San Miguel, Cercado de Lima, Callao and San Martín de Porres.

The agency also indicated that San Miguel presents cloudy skies with wind speeds close to 20 km/h heading towards the north.

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A fire breaks out on Lima Street, in the San Miguel district | Photo: Gian Ávila/@photo.gec

Homes in poor condition

The Citizen Security Manager of San Miguel stated that three neighboring homes were affected. Likewise, “Mr. Esteben Sacalahua Suárez, 20 years old, is currently being treated at the Loayza Hospital.”

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