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Flood in Emilia-Romagna: 14 dead, alert again: rain returns – breaking latest news

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Flood in Emilia-Romagna: 14 dead, alert again: rain returns – breaking latest news

The death toll from bad weather in Romagna rises to 14. And there would still be missing. The displaced are over 10 thousand. Damages for billions of euros. The Government will ask to activate the European Solidarity Fund. The CDM will declare the state of calamity. Red alert also today in the region.


12:37 – Widespread rainfall is forecast for tomorrow in Emilia-Romagna and the red alert has been confirmed in the area from Bologna to Rimini. More intense rains, even in the form of showers, are expected on the Apennine areas. Further increases in hydrometric levels are expected in the mountain stretches of all the watercourses in the region, which will then lead to increases in the downstream stretches, with the occupation of the floodplain areas and the involvement of the embankments. The attention on landslides remains very high.

12:29 – “In Casola Valsenio it is a real disaster. We have 92 kilometers of municipal roads, all closed. Due to landslides, our territory is isolated from the rest of the world”. To say it is Giorgio Sagrini, mayor of the town of 2,500 inhabitants in the Ravenna Apennines. “We have dozens and dozens of landslides and mudslides throughout our territory”, continues the mayor.

11:14 – In various areas already affected by the floods of recent days, between Bologna and Romagna, it has started to rain again. Even in the center of Bologna the rain has been falling insistently since early morning.

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11:08 – “At the rescue center committee, the Consortium warned us that the Emilia-Romagna canal is overflowing and the waters could probably flow towards Godo and Russi. We have arranged that you must go to the first floors. Only those who do not have the first floor will necessarily have to evacuate your home”. So in a live Facebook the mayor of Russi, Valentina Palli.

09:55 – The toll from the flood that hit the Ravenna area has risen to six dead and one missing. The total number of victims of bad weather in Emilia-Romagna therefore becomes 14. This morning in Faenza the police recovered the body of an over seventy-year-old man.

09:31 – The Municipality of Ravenna has ordered the total and immediate evacuation of the hamlets of Piangipane, Santerno and scattered houses. He also recalled that it is mandatory to leave the house, until the need ceases. For those who do not have places to take shelter, the Classis museum in Classe in via Classense 29 has been set up as a reception point, manned by special staff and equipped to offer food and accommodation. In the meantime, the situation in Fornace Zarattini, a hamlet of at the gates of the Romagna city, evacuated yesterday morning and now flooded.

09:07 – On the basis of the weather forecasts “some concern remains in the foothills, even with these small rainfalls, because we have constant landslides and therefore there will be an evolution of this picture in the 48 municipalities that have had more than 250 landslides”. Thus, speaking on Sky Tg 24, the vice president of the Emilia-Romagna Region and councilor for Civil Protection, Irene Priolo.

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7:46 – Shortly after 6.30 on the A14 Bologna-Taranto the section between Faenza and Forlì was reopened in both directions.

07:20 – More flooding and more evacuations, even last night in the province of Ravenna.

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