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Football: Lausanne-Sport is getting closer to maintaining

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Football: Lausanne-Sport is getting closer to maintaining

– Lausanne-Sport is getting closer to maintaining

Published: 04/13/2024, 7:59 p.m. Updated 22 hours ago

Fousseni Diabaté scored the one and only goal of the match between Lausanne-Sport and FC Zurich on Saturday at La Tuilière.


Lausanne-Sport continues its great series of invincibility, with a fifth consecutive match without defeat. Saturday, against FC Zurich, the Vaudois pleased a busy Tuiliière (more than 7,000 spectators) by winning 1-0. It was Fousseni Diabaté who scored the only goal of the match.

It is probably only a matter of a few weeks for Lausanne-Sport. Even if this is frankly for form, the Vaudois team should have validated its retention in the Super League at the beginning of May, and perhaps even before. Six days before the end of the season, LS now has a ten-point lead over the play-off, Grasshopper.

Lugano provisionally took 2nd place in the Super League by winning at Letzigrund against Grasshopper (0-1), this Saturday for the 32nd day. The Ticino, who recorded a seventh victory in eight matches, won thanks to a penalty goal from Zan Celar in the 10th minute. They were outnumbered in the last quarter of an hour, following the expulsion of Hadj Mahmoud (76th), without consequences however.

Undefeated for almost two months, Lugano has 56 points. That is three less than the leader Young Boys and two more than Servette (3rd), opposed on Sunday to Lucerne and Basel. GC, for its part, sinks to penultimate place. The Sauterelles, led on Saturday for the first time by Marco Schällibaum (who took over from Bruno Berner this week), are 7 points ahead of the bottom team, Stade Lausanne Ouchy, with one match in hand.

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Fousseni Diabaté opens his goal counter

Everything will be a formality. Because the Tuilière team is in its place in the elite. She showed it all season, even when the results did not follow. But on Saturday, we clearly saw that Lausanne was a good mid-table team in this championship. Because Zurich, although 4th, frankly did not outperform it.

LS of course counted on Karlo Letica once again solid in goal (in front of Krasniqi or during a face-to-face with Okta). But he also produced play, often with great fluidity. Perhaps he missed more chances, but five minutes after Simone Pafundi had alerted Brecher (21st), Diabaté opened his counter in the Lausanne jersey with a beautiful left-footed shot from outside the area.

In the end, not much more was needed. Because this FCZ doesn’t have a ton of arguments to make either, and it feels like Conde’s distant and a little bit desperate attempts. Lausanne was even closer to 2-0 than 1-1, notably with a header from Kaly Sène on a corner from Pafundi which finished above Brecher’s goals or a golden opportunity for Loucif stopped by the Zurich goalkeeper at the last minute.

Stade de la Tuilière, 7,126 spectators.

Arbitrator: Fedayi San.

But: 26th Diabaté 1-0.

Lausanne: Letica; Giger, Dussenne, Creation, Poaty; Pafundi (93rd Nanizayamo), Custodio, Bernède (70th Kablan); Rrudhani (46th Rock), Sene (70th Labeau), Diabaté (83rd Loucif).Coach: Ludovic Magnin.

Zurich: Brecher; Camp, Katic, Daprelà (87th Santini); Wallner (64th Hodza), Conde, Matthew (93rd N. Di Giusto), Dante; Krasniqi; Marchesano (64th Oko-Flex), Okita (46th April).Coach: Murat Ural.

Warnings: 52nd Krasniqi. 88th Labeau.

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Notes: Lausanne without Ilie, Sanches (suspended), Coyle, Kalu and Szalai (injured). Zurich without Boranijasevic, Kryeziu, Rohner, Tsawa (suspended), Conceiçao (injured) and Ligue (ill).

Valentin Schnorhk has been a journalist in the sports section since 2021, after working at the Keystone-ATS agency. He particularly follows football and is closely interested in analyzing the game.More info@schn_val


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