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Football player Quincy Promes sentenced to prison for smuggling cocaine Sports

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Football player Quincy Promes sentenced to prison for smuggling cocaine  Sports

Quincy Promes will spend years and years in prison if he ever returns to Holland.

Source: Profimedia

Famous Dutch football player Quincy Promes was sentenced to six years in prison for smuggling cocaine, the court in Amsterdam officially decided today. This is the second prison sentence that Quincy Promes has received in a short period of time, as he previously received 1.5 years behind bars for attacking his uncle with a knife, but for now he will not serve his sentence because he is not in the Netherlands, from which he fled precisely because problems with the law.

In his absence, both cases were conducted and concluded, and we will see if the Netherlands will ask Russia to extradite the football player. The current Spartak Moscow player’s contract expires at the end of the season and the question is whether it will be extended after this news, although he plays very well and recorded eight goals and assists.

According to the media in the Netherlands, Promes was involved in the smuggling of 1,363 kilograms of cocaine in two rounds – the first of 650 kilograms and the second of 713 kilograms. Along with him, a 32-year-old assistant was convicted. The shipment from Brazil was discovered in January 2020 in Antwerp by the work of the intelligence police, and until today Promes has not said a word about this case, that is, he “disappeared” from the Netherlands as soon as talk of a prison sentence began.

“Promes thinks he is untouchable because he is not in the Netherlands, but in Russia or somewhere abroad,” said the prosecutor at the trial before the sentencing, which was handed down in his absence. In the end, Promes did not get the maximum nine years that the prosecution requested, but six, and it remains to be seen whether he will ever serve them behind bars.

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According to some earlier details from the investigation, Promes “stole” the drug from Surinamese human trafficker Siegfried Wortel, while two murders are also mentioned in connection with the cocaine theft itself. The investigation established that Kalvin Maynard (otherwise, a former football player) in Amsterdam and Gencsijel Feller in Curaçao were killed due to drug theft, both during 2019, according to information from the Dutch intelligence services (TCI).

After stealing the cocaine, Promes paid Wortel $250,000 to “make a truce”, but apparently it wasn’t enough as the police caught them. Vortel is behind bars and otherwise denies that he had any contact with Promes, although messages mentioning the Dutchman were found in his phone, while he also has his phone number.

Promes (32) played for Twente, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, then Ajax with Dušan Tadić, while he went to Moscow again in 2021.

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