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Football, Sports | “Champions League” on OA-TV tonight 19.55

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Football, Sports |  “Champions League” on OA-TV tonight 19.55

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– Forget Mbappe tonight. I rather recommend football lovers to see our new striker Knut Olav Veimodet score against his old club when we meet Valdres in the cup. It must then be much more entertaining, says Henrik Gramm Myhre.

With a sly look he adds;

– It will be much more fun for the local audience to see a real hard-fought battle for the right to progress, than a match in the Champions League.

Kolbu KK’s good midfielder aims for Kolbu KK to take on Valdres FK tonight for the first mandatory match of the season. The occasion is the 1st qualifying round in the cup. The match takes place in the “championship era”, and Gramm Myhre believes that TV audiences can catch the second half of the championship matches between Bayern Munich and Lazio and Real Sociedad and Paris Saint-Germain

– Or you can watch our entire match and the other matches recorded. People should at least prioritize Kolbu KK against Valdres FK, he says.

The Kolbu KK players are looking forward to the cup.

– Cup is always fun. This is the start of the road against Ullevaal and I think I can promise everyone who either comes to the hall or watches the match on OA-tv an entertaining and fun match. It always is when we meet Valdres, and we would like to continue. I remember well the experience when we met Vålerenga in the 1st round a couple of years ago. We would like to experience something similar again, says Gramm Myhre.

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A funny point at tonight’s OA-TV broadcast match is Knut Olav Veimodet’s first meaningful match for Kolbu KK. Veimodet was opponent Valdres FK’s top scorer last year, and is still coaching the junior team of the club he meets tonight.

– Veimodet is a bouta that will be important to us. I hope he doesn’t take too much into account that he meets his old club today, and scores a little against them, says Gramm Myhre.

He has been involved in many tough matches against Valdres, but is a little unsure of what awaits tonight.

– They have probably replaced quite a few players, and Knut Olav has joined us. I don’t actually know much about them, but I hope Veimodet can provide some information before the match. We will certainly meet a team with a number of young players who work hard. It will be exciting, says Gramm Myhre.

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