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[Forbidden News]How will the two sides confront each other during the meeting? | US-China Relations | Video Conference

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[NTD News November 13, 2021, Beijing time]Tensions between the United States and China continue to escalate, and the upcoming visit video meeting has attracted much attention from the outside world. What are the reasons and expectations for the talks between the two sides? What kind of confrontation will Biden face the pressure of mid-term elections and Xi Jinping who continue to consolidate power? Let us listen to the analysis of experts.

At present, US-China relations are in high tension on issues such as Taiwan, human rights, and trade.

The US news website POLITICO disclosed that Biden and Xi Jinping are tentatively scheduled to hold a video conference on November 15.

The two sides did not disclose the details of the talks, but this summit is generally regarded as the best way to avoid conflict between the world‘s two largest economies.

According to the analysis of the report, Xi Jinping focuses on “sovereignty” and Biden is a “rule-based international order.” Therefore, it is expected that the two sides will not make major breakthroughs on sensitive issues such as Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, but may relax visa restrictions and establish bilateral relations. Proposals for nuclear weapons dialogue and easing trade frictions.

Shen Rongqin, a professor at York University in Canada: “I basically believe that politics and economy are separated. Politically, Biden will hope not to start a war, and then the two sides will achieve some kind of cooperation economically, including tariffs, including various economic and trade cooperation. I think both sides will There will be something that is different from the tough talk that everyone expected before. If you really want to mention Taiwan, I think Biden is likely to want to send a message like Xi Jinping, that is, he still hopes that Xi Jinping will not misjudge. , Don’t start a war.”

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Li Zhengxiu, a Taiwanese military expert and an associate researcher at the National Policy Research Foundation, said that Xi Jinping faces pressure from inside and outside the party. To defend the so-called territorial integrity, this video meeting is needed to ease the situation.

Li Zhengxiu, a Taiwanese military expert and an associate researcher at the National Policy Research Foundation: “There is no way for them to take it back in Taiwan. It will affect the legitimacy of his rule and his historical status. Therefore, they have been forced to death if they do not meet. If they do, internal pressure will cause damage to their leadership’s prestige.”

Li Zhengxiu also said that the just-concluded Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China passed the third historic resolution. Without any worries about re-election, Xi Jinping also wants to pass a video summit with Biden to change the negative views of various countries on him.

The last call between the two was on September 10th. The conversation mainly involved economic issues, climate change and the Chinese Communist virus epidemic.

Earlier, a senior US official revealed that Biden has always hoped to hold face-to-face talks with Xi Jinping to ease tensions on Taiwan and a series of other issues.

Current affairs commentator Li Linyi: “(Biden) has to achieve political goals after establishing a good relationship with the CCP. For example, climate change, because this climate change is a commitment of the Democratic Party. Then if he is involved in climate change If the Chinese Communist Party can cooperate with him, then he can show that he has made achievements in this world and in front of the U.S. Democratic Party. So in this regard, one is the pressure of re-election, and the other is because of his political achievements. pressure.”

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In addition, the various warm-up actions of the two sides before the meeting also aroused the attention of the outside world.

The U.S. seems to be more tit-for-tat, while Beijing has begun to control differences and anti-American sentiment.

US Secretary of State Blincoln stated on the 10th that if the CCP uses force to change Taiwan’s status quo, the United States and its allies will take action.

A few days ago, more than a dozen people, including US senators and congressmen, military officers and assistants, arrived at Songshan Air Force Base in Taiwan by military plane.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China only expressed “opposition” and “urging relevant U.S. congressmen to understand the situation,” without any harsh words or verbal abuse.

Xi Jinping, who consolidated his personal power and political status through the Sixth Plenary Session, suddenly softened his posture when he was considered to be more “tough”.

At the APEC summit hosted by New Zealand on the 11th, he said through a video speech that the Asia-Pacific region cannot and should not fall back into confrontation and division during the Cold War.

In the congratulatory letter sent to the annual dinner of the National Committee on US-China Relations two days ago, Xi Jinping also put away his strong language, emphasizing that Sino-US cooperation is the only correct choice.

Shen Rongqin: “There should be a tacit understanding between the two of them in private. That is, Xi Jinping does not want to have extra branches before the talks between the two sides. He does not want to send a message to the United States, that is, I am actually going to provoke you now and what to do with you. The two sides are maintaining a friendly atmosphere.”

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Li Zhengxiu believes that Biden is subject to the pressure of rising anti-communist sentiment in the country and dare not give in too much; Xi Jinping has already paved the way for re-election, but he actually has no willingness to compromise.

Interview/Edited by Yi Ru/Posted by Li Mingfei/Zhong Yuan

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