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Foreign media: The US military stationed in Taiwan is not a secret, the timing of exposure is the key point | stationed in Taiwan | Marine Corps | stationed in Taiwan

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[NewTangDynastyBeijingOctober092021]The Wall Street Journal recently disclosed that US Special Forces and Marine Corps soldiers were secretly stationed in Taiwan and trained the Taiwanese army for at least one year. This news caused a sensation.

Many media analysts believe that the US military stationed in Taiwan has been in existence for many years, but it has not been made public. At a sensitive time in Sino-US relations, the exposure of this news is a public signal sent by the US to Beijing, that is, “The United States and Taiwan stand together. “.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an unnamed official on October 7 to report that more than 20 members of the US special operations and support units are stationed in Taiwan to train the Taiwanese army, while the US Marine Corps and the Taiwan Navy are engaged in small boat training. Officials said that the US military has been operating in Taiwan in a rotation mode for at least one year.

In this regard, British media such as “The Economist” reported on the 8th that it is no longer a secret that US military personnel are stationed in Taiwan. At this time, the exposure would warn the Chinese Communists and express their support to Taiwan.

According to the journal The Economist, the Taipei Office of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) confirmed through a spokesperson in 2019 that the office has had military services covering the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps since 2005. U.S. active-duty military personnel are stationed. The Marine Corps has always been responsible for the security of US embassies around the world.

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In addition, a document regularly updated by the Pentagon shows that as of June 30 this year, 23 Marines, 2 Navy, and 5 Air Forces were “normally” stationed in Taiwan. More military personnel are visiting Taiwan for short periods of time. A source told The Economist in 2018 that 3,500 to 4,000 Pentagon officials visit Taiwan each year.

However, the “Wall Street Journal” report is time-sensitive, which coincides with the escalation of the Chinese Communist military’s harassment of Taiwan; Taiwan’s Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng publicly stated on the 6th that the current cross-strait situation is the most severe moment in his 40 years of military service. He said that by 2025, the CCP will have the ability to commit crimes against Taiwan.

“The Economist” believes that for the US government, the news that the US military stationed in Taiwan at this moment and the external signal of support for Taiwan may help prolong regional peace.

Richard Lloyd Parry, Asia editor of the British “Times”, has a similar view. He issued a document on October 8 and pointed out that the US now decided to “leak” the news of the US military stationing in Taiwan, indicating that Washington hopes to send an open signal to Beijing that the US is willing to stand with Taiwan.

After the news of the US military presence in Taiwan came to light, John Supple, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said rarely: “China (the CCP) has increased its efforts to intimidate and pressure Taiwan and other allies and partners, including Increased military activities in the vicinity of Taiwan, the East China Sea, and the South China Sea. We believe these activities destabilize and increase the risk of misjudgment.”

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Sapler also said that he has no comment on the specific actions, participation or training of the US, but he wants to emphasize that the US’s support and defense relations with Taiwan are still countering the current threat posed by the CCP, which is different from the previous one. Unanimous.

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