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Foreign Ministries of Colombia, Argentina, and Chile Condemn Hospital Explosion in Gaza

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Foreign Ministries of Colombia, Argentina, and Chile Condemn Hospital Explosion in Gaza

Explosion at Gaza Hospital Condemned by Colombia, Argentina, and Chile

(CNN Spanish) – The foreign ministries of Colombia, Argentina, and Chile have denounced the explosion at the Al Ahli Arab hospital in northern Gaza, expressing their solidarity with the victims and their families.

In a statement, the Argentine Foreign Ministry announced its offer of humanitarian aid to the population affected by the conflict. The aid will be provided through the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance, in coordination with the White Helmets.

Colombia, through its Foreign Ministry, also joined the urgent call of various United Nations Organizations, such as WHO and Unicef, to protect civilians and uphold international humanitarian law. The Colombian government emphasized that the attention to health must be actively protected and never targeted.

Meanwhile, the Chilean Foreign Ministry expressed its deep concern over the incident and noted that it may constitute a war crime. They called for a thorough investigation by competent national and international authorities. The ministry extended its condolences to the families of the victims, emphasizing the need to ensure justice and accountability for any potential violations of international law.

The Al-Ahli Arab Baptist Hospital, which had been providing shelter to thousands of displaced people, was struck by a powerful explosion on Tuesday. According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in Gaza, the blast has resulted in at least 471 fatalities. However, CNN is unable to independently verify these numbers or determine the cause of the explosion.

Gaza officials have accused Israel of being responsible for the attack, while the Israel Defense Forces claim it was an Islamic Jihad rocket. The conflicting reports highlight the urgency and significance of a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

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As efforts continue to address the ongoing conflict in Gaza, international condemnation of attacks on civilian infrastructure and calls for the protection of innocent lives grow louder. The world waits for answers, justice, and a resolution to the long-standing tensions in the region.

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