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Forensic psychologist Tudorel Butoi destroys the Tate brothers

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Forensic psychologist Tudorel Butoi destroys the Tate brothers

The well-known forensic psychologist Tudorel Butoi characterized the brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate in harsh terms, in his opinion the British millionaires having no way to escape prison.

“I can only say that I predicted to these whiners from the beginning of the masquerade that they would be fucked and that in the interrogations they would tremble with fear! He’ll get sweaty, stinking up the investigative offices!

As the educational value of the DIICOT treatment will put their retarded minds in order from their stubborn heads, it will blow up all the combinations and complicities, disturbing the comfort of many!

For now, I can only wish them ‘constipate and have your lawyers make imaginatively-naive efforts to delay the prosecution, asking you to the doctors, that your ache…!’ I am certain that they will be judged fairly by a competent and legally constituted court!”, declared Tudorel Butoi.

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Tudorel Butoi’s reaction comes after Romania Tv presented a letter sent by the Tate brothers in which they claim that the case set up by the DIICOT prosecutors is a set-up and that they are innocent.

“DIICOT has been spying on us for two years and found absolutely nothing. They wasted a lot of money. The people from DIICOT are desperate, so they found two friends – Betty and Jasmine and they say that they are victims of human trafficking because they make TikTok (…) The girls said that they are not victims. No one is a victim. Innocent people are in prison. It’s corruption!

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Anyone who has friends on TikTok can send people to jail. Romania is not safe for anyone,” the Tate brothers’ letter states. It should be noted that some time ago, the Tate brothers declared that they were protected by powerful people in the state and that they were defying the system through bribes.

Photo source: Antena 3

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