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[Foresight review]Taiwan’s participation in the democratic summit and the CCP’s protests cool down | Sima Nan | Lenovo

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[Epoch Times November 25, 2021]Hello friends, today is November 24 (Wednesday), and welcome to the “Foresight Quick Review”. I’m Tang Jingyuan.

Today’s focus: “Taiwan” attends the Democracy Summit, why does the CCP admit it? The foreign propaganda rarely recognizes “one China, one Taiwan”. Is “double recognition” the real red line? Lenovo was suddenly bombarded with six deadly crimes, line struggle ignited?

Yesterday, in response to increasing inflation, the Biden administration announced that it had ordered the use of the US National Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and the Department of Energy would put 50 million barrels of oil on the market. This move is claimed to be the largest release of strategic oil reserves in the history of the United States, and the participants are not only the United States, but also major energy consumers such as China, India, and the United Kingdom, the world’s second largest oil consumer.

This multi-national joint operation made Hu Xijin’s eyebrows happy as soon as he clicked on his body. He immediately posted an editorial, feeling very good about himself, and especially under the headline “To curb inflation, Washington has come to Beijing again.” , With a look of excitement of “We finally got bigger once”.

But what I didn’t expect was that when Hu Bian squinted the corners of his eyes and carefully recalled this rare moment, Biden slapped his face and slapped Hu Bian’s smile immediately on his face.

This slap is the long-rumored “democracy summit”.

[Taiwan Attends Democracy Summit and CCP Protests Cool Down]

Yesterday, the US State Department officially announced the list of participants for the first World Democracy Summit to be held on December 9th and 10th. In this list, Taiwan (Taiwan) was officially invited, starting with the English letter T, and ranking behind Sweden, starting with S.

Most of my friends probably know that the news that the United States will invite Taiwan to participate in the democracy summit has been released many times before, but when the stone finally falls, the most attention from the outside world will of course depend on how the CCP will react.

On the CCP’s side, this time Hu Bian was not the first to grab the plate, but the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council responded quickly. Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said only three sentences when answering reporters’ questions. She first emphasized that “the Taiwan-related titles listed on the US website are wrong.” Then I added two sentences: “We firmly oppose any form of official exchanges between the United States and the Taiwan region of China. This position is consistent and clear. We urge the United States to strictly abide by the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint communiqués, and properly Deal with Taiwan-related issues.”

It sounds like this statement is a bit routine and did not show any particular toughness. There may be two reasons behind this: one is that at the China-US video summit, Biden and Xi Jinping may have conducted a warm-up communication on this issue. Everyone knows it well, so the tone of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has naturally softened.

Another reason may be that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council is waiting for the highest level to set the tone, so it will respond in a low-key manner for the time being, and reserve the room for subsequent adjustments.

Sure enough, Zhao Lijian’s tone was different at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China today. In addition to stressing that Taiwan is only a part of China and does not have any status in international law, he also repeated Xi Jinping’s warning that Biden “played with’Taiwan independence’ and would eventually burn himself” at the Xi’s meeting. In addition, he also accused the U.S. side. The act of promoting group politics and inciting camp confrontation under the cloak of democracy is a reappearance of the Cold War mentality.

It can be seen that although the United States and China may have been ventilated in advance, the impact of this summit on the CCP is actually very strong. Why do you say that? Let’s briefly discuss it below.


First of all, this summit invitation received a very positive response in Taiwan, which is expected. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, the spokesperson of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, and the representative of Taiwan’s Economic Affairs Office in the United States all issued statements. Even the Chairman of the Kuomintang, Zhu Lilun, publicly expressed appreciation and gratitude.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately announced today that Taiwan’s representative to the United States, Xiao Meiqin, and digital government commissioner Tang Feng, will attend the meeting on behalf of Taiwan. It was expected that Tsai Ing-wen himself did not attend. “Foresight Quick Review”

Although Taiwan’s representatives attending the summit have lowered their ranks, there is still an important problem. It is clearly stated in the notes to the invitation list that the guests of this summit are “democratic countries and/or governments”, and the summit’s The official name is actually called “Leaders’ Democracy Summit.”

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Therefore, the crux of the issue is not entirely whether Tsai Ing-wen is required to attend, but the nature of the summit determines whether this is a national or government-level meeting. In other words, the subject of the invitation was essentially aimed at Tsai Ing-wen, but Tsai Ing-wen was unable to attend in person for some reason, and was instead represented by Tang Feng and Xiao Meiqin.

The specifications of this meeting are those of the leaders, which means that the US invitation to Taiwan has in fact recognized and established the pattern of “one country, two governments”, that is, one China and two governments. This invitation also in fact endorsed Tsai Ing-wen’s official position of “cross-strait non-subordination”.

The CCP itself is fully aware of this point. The comment made by the “Duowei.com” of the great foreign propaganda website today is under the heading: “The United States announced that’Taiwan’s participation in the Democracy Summit’ will materialize one China and one Taiwan.”

The second point of view is the name of Taiwan’s participation in the conference. This name just contrasts with the diplomatic wave between the CCP and Lithuania that just happened.

My friends may know that because the Taiwanese representative office in Lithuania was officially opened a few days ago, the CCP was furious. Not only did the party media lose control and yelled at them, what flies, fleas, mice and other extremely insulting remarks took turns in battle, and also announced that it would fight Lithuania. The diplomatic relations at the ambassador level were reduced to the charge d’affaires level.

This operation was actually a bit beyond the outside world’s expectations, because everyone had previously speculated that the CCP might sever diplomatic relations. The only difference between the relegation to the charge d’affaires level and the ambassador level is that the level of diplomatic courtesy has been lowered, but the functions and immunity of its diplomatic representatives are not the slightest difference, and they are still formal diplomatic relations.

As a result, it created a situation in which Lithuania established informal official relations with Taiwan on the one hand, and was able to maintain formal official diplomatic relations with the Chinese Communist Party on the other. This is tantamount to the CCP acquiescing in Lithuania’s dual recognition of China and Taiwan, and it has become a state similar to “one China, one Taiwan” or “one country, two governments.”

[Where is the red line? America is not Lithuania]

If we simply compare this democracy summit, we will see that being invited to attend in the name of “Taiwan” is the same in nature as Lithuania’s establishment of a “Taiwan Representative Office”, and there is no difference, but the two have emerged in the international community. The influence is completely different.

If the CCP is really so hard-headed and the red line of the one-China principle is really so untouchable, the CCP should follow the example of Lithuania and lower its diplomatic relations with the United States to the level of charge d’affaires. However, we have seen that the CCP actually did not dare to do this. What does this show?

In my opinion, this shows that the CCP’s attitude on the Taiwan issue has obvious bullying and fear of hardship, and it also shows that the CCP’s attitude towards “one country, two governments” can be acquiesced and accepted. This is the real red line. We have seen that both the United States and the European Union, including Lithuania, insist that all their relations with Taiwan are in line with the one-China policy, but they also clearly support the position of “non-subordination between the two sides of the strait.” This is actually one country and two governments. Framework, but everyone hasn’t clearly stated it.

Of course, from another perspective, the CCP itself can interpret the Taiwan government invited by the United States as the “Provincial Government of Taiwan Province of the People’s Republic of China”, so that it can retain the remaining face for itself. As to whether the international community understands this way, that is another matter. In other words, Tsai Ing-wen’s non-attendance is just the result of negotiations between the United States and Taiwan in order to preserve the little remaining fuzzy space.

From this perspective, Taiwan’s participation in the Democracy Summit this time has won both face and lee. As soon as the precedent of the United States is set, it has largely cleared the obstacles for Taiwan to attend various international conferences and participate in corresponding international organizations in the future.

As far as the CCP is concerned, it can be said to have lost both inside and outside. It neither dared to really fight hard, but also had to try its best to show that it wanted to be tough. As a result, it ended up acting out a stubborn acknowledgment, which only increased the laughing stock of the international community.

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[Sima Nan bites Lenovo and lists 6 deadly sins]

Okay, next we are going to talk about a topic that is currently very popular in the mainland, that is, the well-known “anti-American is work, staying in the US is life” big five, Sima Nan, suddenly bit the Lenovo Group incident.

It has been more than half a month since this incident occurred, and it has only recently become a very eye-catching social hot spot in mainland China due to continuous fermentation. We all know that in the public opinion environment of the mainland, if the authorities do not want a kind of speech to exist, no matter how much you have a background, you can disappear completely in an instant. Peng Shuai and Zhang Gaoli are a typical example.

In other words, Sima Nan’s pursuit of Lenovo this time can continue to ferment to the present, and there must be deeper factors behind it.

Beginning on November 7, Sima Nan suddenly released multiple episodes of videos on China’s Sina Weibo, bombarding Lenovo Group, China’s largest and the world’s largest PC manufacturer, and listed six major crimes for Lenovo. In summary, it is:

1. The loss of state-owned assets is based on the fact that the shares of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were sold at a low price during the Lenovo shareholding reform, which not only lost control, but also gave away 1.3 billion assets to the Taishan Club, where Liu Chuanzhi was the chairman;

2. Many Lenovo executives get high salaries or even super high-tech, dividends account for more than 30% of the company’s profits, and the gap between the rich and the poor is too large;

3. Among the 27 executives, 14 are foreigners, and there are information security issues;

4. Lenovo’s debt ratio is higher than Evergrande; insolvency, more than 100 billion owed dealers, there may be a risk of lightning;

5. Research and development accounted for less than 3%, but applied for the sci-tech innovation version to be listed, suspected of defrauding money;

6. Lenovo’s financial business accounted for more than 50% of all profits in the two years of 2019 and 2020. Therefore, Lenovo has transformed into a financial company, relying on money to make money, not a production company.

After this wave of attacks began, two eye-catching phenomena soon appeared in mainland society: one was the participation of a large number of people of all colors in the chorus, which made the criticism of Lenovo present a surge of momentum, and the authorities apparently did not Obvious measures should be taken to cool down or block them.

The other is that Lenovo only sent the CMO chief marketing officer to privately contact Sima Nan, but has never responded publicly. This is in line with Lenovo’s previous strong statement that it will use legal means to deal with all malicious attacks or those who want to touch porcelain. , Forming a sharp contrast.

It is this rather strange state that has caused many netizens who are critical of Lenovo to be more convinced that Lenovo’s problem is big and must be pursued, because Lenovo is guilty and dare not respond publicly, and will only do some desktop games. Transactions.

[3 major explosion points and 3 major political sensitive points]

This incident is very interesting, because most of my friends probably know that Sima Nan is a kind of person who has a good sense of smell and will fly over and buzz for a while after smelling a little blood. Lenovo itself is not a good crop, not to mention that Liu Chuanzhi has always had the title of “Godfather” in the mainland business community. Even with Lenovo’s current size, it is also a domestic multinational company.

And Lenovo’s identity is far from that of a private company with state-owned assets. We can see from a simple search that only the official public report, Lenovo Group, as a representative enterprise of military-civilian integration, participated in the 2017 National Private Military Enterprise High-tech Achievement Expo together with military industry giants such as China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and AVIC. Military-civilian integration summit forum.

In the advertisement released by Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center this year, Lenovo Group is an important member of the 30th China National Defense and Military Equipment Exhibition to be participated in next March.

There are many others, so I won’t list them all here. In other words, Lenovo, as the world’s largest PC manufacturer, cannot allow the Chinese Communist government and even the military to allow such a large resource to grow freely without intervening. In this context, Sima Nan dared to take the initiative with full firepower and found Lenovo’s door to kick the gym. Of course, it was not a sequelae of his insanity after being chucked, but was deliberate and prepared.

First of all, let’s take a look at the six crimes listed by Lenovo. Most of the materials have been verified and are based on facts. However, none of them are Sima Nan’s exclusive new materials. Topics that have been exposed, speculated or discussed in the world. Sima Nan just collected, sorted, and compiled, and then added a lot of the more fashionable criticism language, and threw it out all at once.

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Secondly, among the six sins, there are actually three hot spots that really incited public sentiment: 1. Loss of state-owned assets; 2. High salaries of Lenovo executives; 3. Lenovo misnamed and failed the title of national enterprise. Suspected of comprador by foreign forces. Other things such as low R&D ratios, diversified operations, etc., are normal business operations, which is not surprising.

Some friends may have seen the signs. These three major explosions correspond to political hotspots that are currently attracting much attention. For example, the loss of state-owned assets actually involves the entire economic policy issue during the restructuring of state-owned enterprises. This undoubtedly fits with the political direction of Xi Jinping’s administration for the country to advance and the people to retreat, and to make the state-owned enterprises bigger and stronger.

Going deeper, this involves the issue of the route of reform and opening up, and the issue of who is in charge of the state-owned enterprise reform policy. We have discussed in detail in our previous program. In this historical resolution, Xi Jinping has actually ended reform and opening up and denied Deng Xiaoping’s economic line. His biggest reason is that reform and opening up have caused the party to become institutionalized. This is the source of his legitimacy as a man to fight corruption and save the party.

Therefore, if Lenovo is convicted of this crime, it will undoubtedly become a typical example of stealing state-owned assets, destroying the foundation of the socialist public economy, and almost discoloring the red world.

And Lenovo executives with high salary of 100 million yuan, regardless of the life and death of grassroots employees, will undoubtedly become another negative example of the current basic national policy of “common prosperity”. If we want to go deeper, and then go online, we can say that it involves the dispute between the two lines of “let some people get rich first” and “common prosperity”, that is, the line of Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping. Quarreled.

As for the fact that more than half of the executives are foreign powers, that is the ideal target for countless patriotic people. Friends who have a little understanding of mainland society may know that Lenovo Group has always held the title of “Jiang Hu” of “American Emperor Conscience” among the mainland people.

It is said that there are two main reasons. One is that the price of the same Lenovo computer in China is a lot higher than the price in the United States. This is the main reason for the long-term abuse. The other is that Lenovo Group donated a large number of computers to the United States Labor Union in 2014, which was labeled as pro-American.

This is basically an enterprise’s culprit in the mainland where national sentiment spurts out at every turn.


So why do we say that Sima Nan came here deliberately and preparedly? This is the reason. If he is really just a simple self-media, I guess Liu Chuanzhi would not bother to look at him. But just stir-fried rice with cold rice can make this wave of public opinion so great, and Liu Chuanzhi’s group may also understand it. This is because the people are not good.

Why has Lenovo not responded publicly, even letting its CMO do the work of a small secretary, and contacted Sima Nan in a low voice for private? It is because they know that there is no way to respond publicly. They know that Sima Nan is just a microphone. If Lenovo is forced to act as a target for a line struggle, it does not try to get the people over the microphone to compete with the microphone itself. Meaningless.

From this point of view, Sima Nan’s current role is quite similar to Li Guangman, who wrote the article “A Deep Change Is Underway” at the end of August. He may be playing a role of testing water temperature, and Lenovo is just the pawn selected for testing.

Li Guangman’s article was once regarded as sounding the clarion call of the Second Cultural Revolution, causing widespread panic throughout the country, so that Hu Xijin had to issue an article to cool down and neutralize it.

What is very interesting is that this time Hu Xijin also came forward to post yesterday, once again cooling down this wave of public opinion and mud.

Perhaps Lenovo may not really be sent to the altar this time, but these signals frequently appearing in mainland society have very clearly shown what kind of path the CCP will take in the future. We might as well wait and see.

Okay, let’s talk about it today. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

“Foresight Quick Review” Production Team

Editor in charge: Li Hao#


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