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“Format and copied beats”. La Littizzetto in the storm for the last monologue

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“Format and copied beats”.  La Littizzetto in the storm for the last monologue

A storm hit Luciana Littizzetto for a monologue a What’s the weather like. The Turin comedian ended up at the center of a social shit storm for having copied the idea and jokes of a very popular format on the web. In the last episode of the show conducted by Fabio FazioLittizzetto faced the problem of expensive rent for students and young off-site workers. Rooms and studio flats with preposterous characteristics commented with irony and sarcasm. But what seemed to be his usual monologue irreverent, it soon became clear that it was nothing more than a “copy and paste” of Nightmare housessocial format created by the content creator Naomi Marianiwhich is very popular on the web.

What happened to What’s the weather like

With the help of the giant screen Luciana Littizzetto showed some ads of rooms and studios at the limit of practicality, commenting on them with irony and sarcasm. A series of announcements taken at random from the web that the Turin comedian enriched with irreverent jokes which, however, sounded familiar to many. And it was Noemi Mariani who claimed them, who published clips of her format through her Instagram profile Nightmare houses and parts of Littizzetto’s monologue by comparing them and the copying appeared more than evident. Whether the fault lies with the actress or the writers of What’s the weather like it is not clear, but so much so that a strong one has been unleashed on the web controversyfueled by the statements of the creator of the original format.

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Mariani’s complaint on social media

Naomi Mariani, 33, is one of the well-known faces of the web. With 36 thousand followers on Instagram and a TikTok profile with as many followers, the content creator has created the format Nightmare houses to comment on the preposterous real estate market offers for young students and workers. Interviewed by Courier last August, Noemi gained greater visibility and her format also ended up in Hyenas with a special episode. Never would she have imagined, however, that her idea – and even the jokes – would be stolen from her by Littizzetto for one of her monologues.

So after the episode of What’s the weather like aired on Sunday 19 February, the 33-year-old vented on Instagram: “Let’s not go into the merits of copyright, this unknown. It’s the game of the older ones against the younger ones, because the format isn’t registered but cheating on the idea isn’t. Even copying jokes makes me laugh. Make a little effort.” Then she turned to Littizzetto: “The difference between you and me, dear Luciana, is that I’m in the target group, the ones I’m talking about are problems that belong to my generation, not yours”. Then, with irony, Mariani hoped for a call from Rai: “I hope to go to Che tempo che fa to hear what they have to say“.

The anger of the people of social networks

Predictably, his outburst generated a wave of outrage on social media and his denunciation stories were re-shared by fans of his format with dozens of criticisms. “Perfect example of people stealing other people’s ideas without ever mentioning it. What figures of m….”, a user wrote on Instagram, while another pointed a finger at Littizzetto: “Luciana Littizzetto and Che tempo che fa are infinitely sad, report them”. Even one of the radio Deejay conductors, Diego Passoni, thundered against Fazio’s broadcast: “There is some TV author who copied without even saying thanks to her“. A simple mention would have been enough to avoid Littizzetto ea What’s the weather like the social buffer.

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