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Former Arena Deputy and Mayor Faces Civil Trial for Unjustified Increase in Assets

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Civil Trial Ordered Against Former Arena Deputy and Mayor of Santa Tecla

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) has ordered a civil trial against José Roberto d’Aubuisson, former deputy of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) and former mayor of Santa Tecla. This decision comes after an investigation revealed an unjustified increase in his assets totaling $862,854.69.

The CSJ’s probe into d’Aubuisson’s activities uncovered indications of illicit enrichment, pointing to a number of irregularities in his asset declaration with the Probity Section. As a result, the case will now be referred to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for further investigation.

In a preliminary report released by the CSJ, inconsistencies were found in the bank accounts of the former mayor and his family group. These discrepancies were attributed to the acquisition of vehicles and debt payments. Taking this into consideration, the magistrates have authorized the freezing of five bank accounts belonging to the ex-official and his wife, containing a balance of $169,020.11.

The Criminal Procedure Code states that this type of crime carries a penalty ranging from three to ten years of imprisonment. If d’Aubuisson is found guilty, he could face significant time behind bars.

The implications of this civil trial extend beyond the individual in question, shining a light on corruption issues within the political sphere. The judicial system’s efforts to hold public officials accountable for their actions will certainly set an important precedent for future cases.

The case against José Roberto d’Aubuisson will now proceed to the Attorney General’s Office, where further investigations will determine the next course of action. The public remains vigilant as they await the outcome of this significant trial.

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By: Marcela Juárez

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