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Former employee reports alleged assassination attempt

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Former employee reports alleged assassination attempt

The history of the financial service provider Wirecard is marked by numerous scandals. Now an insider reports a possible assassination attempt.

Pav Gill got everything rolling: The former general counsel of the German financial service provider Wirecard was the insider who brought the scandals of the former German model digital company to the public with his information in the “Financial Times” in 2020.



The former DAX group collapsed when it was discovered that 1.9 billion euros were missing from escrow accounts in Asia. The numerous court cases to deal with what is believed to be the largest fraud case in German post-war history are dragging on.

Business trip warning

Gill had leaked a lot of incriminating information to the press. However, the whistleblower now tells ZDF that he had passed on relevant information well before 2020 – and how his former employer is said to have planned an assassination attempt on him.

As early as 2018, Gill noticed that Wirecard had moved large amounts of money in Asia through third-party companies. “Financially, things didn’t make any sense. Every single subsidiary in the Asian region was making losses.” However, high profits were still reported again and again.

The lawyer first informed the headquarters in Germany about the events. However, he later realized that the instructions for the money bookings had come directly from there. The Wirecard CFO in Asia then planned to send Gill on a business trip to the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Shortly before that, however, the whistleblower is said to have received an anonymous call that warned him about the trip: If he traveled to Indonesia, he would not return alive, he was told on the phone. “Before they fired me, they wanted to kill me.”

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Was BaFin informed earlier?

The man is said to have then gone into hiding. However, he took incriminating material with him and then sent it, among others, to the German financial regulator BaFin. All of this happened even before the “Financial Times” is said to have made the Wirecard scandal public with its research.

It remains unclear why the authorities did not react at the time. According to his own statements, Gill has not yet been questioned by German investigative authorities, although he is willing to do so.

Marsalek apparently works for the secret service

After the collapse of the DAX group in the summer of 2020, Russian secret service agents are said to have given the fugitive Marsalek fake identities – including as a priest. The research reveals “a blatant and worrying extent of Russian influence operations in Europe and Germany,” von Notz wrote on Platform X.

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