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Former Nicaraguan Minister Condemns Closure and Theft of INCAE by Sandinista Regime

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Former Nicaraguan Minister of Education Humberto Belli has criticized the closure and theft of INCAE by the Sandinista regime, calling it a blow to culture, efficiency, and modernization in Nicaragua. Belli compared the actions of the current government to those of North Korea, emphasizing their degrees of stupidity and obscurantism. He also noted that these actions are likely to result in strong international reactions and more sanctions against the Nicaraguan dictatorship.

Belli further stated that the closure of INCAE, along with the closure of UCA, will cause great shock and worsen the government’s image internationally. He described INCAE as the best institution of higher education not only in Nicaragua but also in all of Latin America. He highlighted that the institution’s mission was to generate good professionals in areas such as Business Administration, which is essential for a country’s development.

Responding to Rosario Murillo’s argument that INCAE is linked to the CIA and imperialism, Belli dismissed it as absurd and incredible. He urged for international attention and sanctions against the regime, emphasizing that sanctions should target the complicit army rather than the economy to prevent further harm to the people.

Meanwhile, economist Enrique Sáenz, who is in exile, described Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo as a pair of dangerous madmen who cause harm to Nicaraguan society. Sáenz stated that the closure of INCAE confirms the dictatorship’s hostility towards knowledge, development, education, and youth. He compared the current regime to an irrational mafia gang.

The closure and theft of INCAE have sparked widespread concern and condemnation, indicating that the Nicaraguan government’s actions are damaging the nation’s educational and cultural institutions. The international community is expected to take further action against the regime, expressing solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and their pursuit of democracy and freedom.

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