Home World Former Speaker Gingrich: The House of Representatives will change and the United States will change dramatically (Photo) Mid-term elections | McCarthy | Speaker of the House of Representatives | Washington |

Former Speaker Gingrich: The House of Representatives will change and the United States will change dramatically (Photo) Mid-term elections | McCarthy | Speaker of the House of Representatives | Washington |

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Former Speaker Gingrich: The House of Representatives will change and the United States will change dramatically (Photo) Mid-term elections | McCarthy | Speaker of the House of Representatives | Washington |

U.S. House Republican Leader McCarthy (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

[See China, November 12, 2022](See compiled by American reporter Xiao Ran/Comprehensive report) Former US Speaker of the House of Representatives, RepublicanGingrichOpinion article in The Washington TimesMcCarthy(Kevin McCarthy) has a high probability of becoming the Speaker of the House of Representativesmidterm elections washingtonbiggestpower transferHouse of Representatives changedwill also giveU.S.brought about changes in many aspects.

In the article, Gingrich said that media coverage of the midterm elections has focused attention on individual races, while obscuring several major facts about the election results. The surprise of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s landslide victory by nearly 20 percent was easy to understand. But in a 435-game race in the House, it’s much harder to get a sense of drama and history.

That’s why the media missed the news that Kevin McCarthy would be Speaker of the House (he still has to be elected), the biggest single power shift in Washington this election cycle.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the only legislative official mentioned in the U.S. Constitution and the third-ranked president after the vice president.

The Speaker, with at least 218 votes, has nearly unlimited power over the House’s recognition, scheduling, legislation and general operations.

The switch from Tom Foley to me in January 1995 was a decisive earthquake from which the left has yet to fully recover. This shift has resulted in a modernization of the House of Representatives, welfare reform, telecom reform, the largest capital gains tax cut in history, a drastic reduction in red tape, and only four consecutive balanced budgets in our lifetime. (Pay off the national debt for four consecutive years.)

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None of this would have happened if the Speaker hadn’t transitioned from a liberal Democrat to a conservative Republican.

No matter how much the change from Foley to me, it will be much bigger when Pelosi hands the Speaker gavel to McCarthy.

The House of Representatives will move from protecting and covering up government corruption to exposing federal agencies and protecting the public’s right to know what the government is doing.

The House will shift from protecting the incompetent and dishonest Department of Homeland Security to controlling the southern border, ending illegal immigration, and fighting cartels and fentanyl drug trafficking that kills 300 Americans every day.

The House of Representatives will move from protecting schools that instill radical values ​​in their children to passing a parental rights bill to ensure parents know what’s going on in their children’s schools.

The steady expansion of federal spending that led to the cost of living crisis will be replaced by fiscal common sense. The House will root out corruption, eliminate wasteful spending, and rein in inflation (the Fed chair won’t threaten mass unemployment).

Anti-police, anti-prosecution, pro-criminal Democrats will be replaced by district attorneys who work to strengthen police, oversee refusal to enforce law, and Republicans who protect innocents, not criminals.

The list goes on, but I can tell you from personal experience that a transition from a liberal to a conservative House of Representatives can make a huge difference in the balance of power and the ability to get the job done.

Mr. McCarthy’s attorney, Machalagh Carr, told me: “They don’t make a small mallet, a medium mallet, a big mallet. They just make a mallet, and it defines who a speaker is.”

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Gingrich expects McCarthy to take over the speaker’s gavel from Pelosi (or, if Pelosi retires, the new minority leader) on Jan. 3, 2023.

Gingrich praised McCarthy’s continued efforts to win the House majority. In 2020, McCarthy managed to add 15 House seats, recruiting female and minority lawmakers for the Republican Party. (At the time the media said House Republicans would lose 25 seats). Since August, McCarthy has traveled to 39 states for more than 170 candidates and successfully raised a staggering $500 million in campaign funds.

The former speaker believes that under McCarthy’s leadership, House Republicans will prove they can do a great job in this country.

Fox: McCarthy’s promotion to Speaker is challenging

Currently, the Republican majority looks to be somewhere between 218 and 230.

According to an exclusive report by Fox News on November 11, the Center for American Recovery, a think tank close to Trump, is working to mobilize hardline conservatives in the House Republican conference to prevent McCarthy from being promoted to speaker.

The conservative group is led by Russwater, the Trump-era director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

“We need a wartime leader who confronts adversaries at breakfast and is committed to an America First agenda,” Watt told Fox News Digital. “What is needed to save the country.”

The 20-plus-member Republican House Liberty Caucus could be the key to getting McCarthy over the 218-vote threshold for promotion to Speaker. However, the group was divided on the McCarthy issue. Some members felt that McCarthy had not had an active confrontation left agenda over the past two years. Others said a potential deal could be reached with McCarthy on changes to House rules that would significantly reduce the speaker’s control over the legislative process.

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McCarthy has written to fellow Republicans after the midterm elections announcing that he will run for speaker. Freedom Caucus member Bob Good warned that McCarthy will face a challenge from another colleague at the Nov. 15 organizing meeting.

Goode told Fox News that if McCarthy doesn’t get 218 votes at the Nov. 15 meeting, the next speaker race will be open to anyone.

At least one member of the House of Representatives has said he will not vote for McCarthy, and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said on a podcast on November 11 that he supports Ohio Republican Rep. Jordan as Speaker of the House.

Two months ago, members of the Freedom Caucus offered McCarthy a proposed rule change, but received no response. Options include allowing lawmakers to vote to remove the speaker, allowing lawmakers to vote for their own committee chairmen, and allowing spending bills to be amended in the House to defund entire offices within federal agencies.

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