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Formula 1: Everything you need to know about the new season

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Formula 1: Everything you need to know about the new season

New, tried and tested and an affair: Everything you need to know about the new Formula 1 season

Formula 1 is starting its new season in Bahrain – with some innovations, surprises and also an affair that continues to expand.

Formula 1 is back from the winter break. Let’s start with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Those: Imago

The new Formula 1 season starts in Bahrain. 24 races are on the program. What has changed compared to last season? What’s left? An overview.


For the first time in the history of Formula 1, there is a starting field that is completely unchanged from last year. No new additions, no driver changes – nothing. Which is also a sign of how difficult it is for newcomers today. There is even no room for Formula 2 champions like Theo Pourchaire or, previously, Felipe Drugovich.

Team Names

The attempt to integrate sponsors into the team names leads to such monstrosities as Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team for the B-Team of Red Bull, previously Alpha Tauri, or Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. In practice, hardly anyone uses them – Racing Bulls and Kick Sauber are currently the general names because the TV stations have agreed on them internally.

Who can stop Red Bull?

:The Formula 1 teams in a form check

Formula 1 starts its new season in Bahrain. So far, Max Verstappen has been the measure of all things. Who can stop the world champion? The teams in check.

by Karin Sturm


After a four-year break due to Corona, the Chinese GP in Shanghai will return to the Formula 1 calendar in April. For logistical reasons, the Japanese GP in Suzuka, a traditional event in October for decades, was brought forward to spring. There are a total of 24 races on the program – that was also planned last year, but then there were only 22 because China was at short notice was canceled because of the Corona rules there and Imola had to be canceled after the flood disaster in Emilia Romagna.

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Unusually, the first two races of the season in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will take place on Saturday. This is because the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan begins on the Sunday of the Saudi Arabia weekend.

Start of the season in Formula 1

:Who can pose a threat to Verstappen?

Formula 1 is starting a new season. World champion Max Verstappen and his Red Bull team are the favorites – but the concept of the new car is surprising.

by Karin Sturm

With this in mind, the race in Jeddah was brought forward by one day. Since the Formula 1 regulations stipulate an interval of one week between two races, the opener in Bahrain must also take place on Saturday.


The schedule has been changed for the weekends with sprint races: It now begins on Friday with free training and a subsequent sprint shootout, in which the starting lineup for the sprint race is determined. On Saturday the sprint will be followed by qualification for the Grand Prix on Sunday.

The DRS can now be used one lap after the start – previously two. In addition: The FIA ​​allows an additional opening in the front area of ​​the vehicle, which, however, has no aerodynamic benefit but is there to better cool the cockpit.

The Horner affair

An employee had accused Red Bull team boss Christian Horner of “inappropriate behavior”, which the Red Bull Group believed it could brush off after an investigation with an “acquittal” without further information.

17 months in prison on probation

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:Ex-Formula 1 boss Ecclestone sentenced

U-turn in the fraud case against Bernie Ecclestone. The ex-Formula 1 boss has pleaded guilty to tax evasion worth millions.

Now raunchy chat logs and photos have been leaked to media, team bosses and important people at F1 rights holder Liberty and the FIA. Even if the authenticity has not yet been proven, F1 and FIA can no longer avoid continuing to deal with the case, which is already causing major damage to their image. Also a novelty – albeit a very unpleasant one: the first official #MeToo affair in Formula 1.

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