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FORUMAUTOMOTIVE / Pichetto: ‘yes to technological neutrality. Combining hydrogen and biofuels’ – News

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FORUMAUTOMOTIVE / Pichetto: ‘yes to technological neutrality.  Combining hydrogen and biofuels’ – News

The Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto (in the photo in the centre) spoke yesterday afternoon, in attendance, at the two days of debates promoted by #FORUMAutoMotive, the reservoir of ideas and center of debates on mobility issues, scheduled from yesterday until today, in Milan.

Pichetto, interviewed by the promoter of #FORUMAutMotive, the journalist Pierluigi Bonora (in the photo on the right side), met with the representatives of the mobility supply chain during the round table “Mobility and the future: it is a clash with the EU”, answering the questions from the other speakers on the need to have a realistic vision of the changes taking place, favoring technological neutrality, industrial excellence and energy independence.

In his speeches, Minister Pichetto highlighted some important aspects: “the Government is convinced that in the future electricity will play a significant role and Italy is now committed to this challenge. However, electric cars cannot be the only alternative and for this reason we have argued at European level that we are not happy with the ban on registrations in 2035 of new cars that are not electric. We have asked that other technologies, such as hydrogen and biofuels, also be taken into account. We have a production system, with several hundred thousand workers in total, which must be supported and a distribution system which will have to be totally reset. We need to go beyond the pro and anti electric fans. The European Union represents a model of consortium in which everyone reasons and pursues their own interests. We are conducting an active dialogue with Germany, with the aim of adding alternatives such as hydrogen and biofuels to electric technology. The reversal expressed by Frans Timmermans in some public statements in Italy with respect to the electric-only future is surprising. An assessment of eco-incentives, currently in force, must be done to make them more effective; they must be built on a market design that aims at decarbonisation, taking the euro 0-1-2 off the street. A reform of company car taxation should be placed on the agenda, through a dialogue with the car supply chain, and through alignment with what is happening in Europe in terms of the deductibility of VAT for fleets. I am convinced that fleets can make a significant contribution to decarbonisation. Our country is today less dependent on Russia on the energy front, thanks to a work of diversification and a gradual growth of renewable energies. By 2030 we are aiming for production from renewables equal to two thirds of our needs”.

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