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Four deaths due to floods and geological disasters in British Columbia, Canada

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China News Service, Toronto, November 21. According to data updated on November 20th in British Columbia, Canada (also translated as British Columbia), the province’s severe flooding and geological disasters have caused 4 deaths, and there is still one missing. Found.

The disappearances and deaths occurred in Lillooet and near Lake Duffy in the Fraser Valley in the interior of the province. The deceased were 1 woman and 3 men.

The province’s post-mortem service said that law enforcement and search and rescue personnel have been working hard in the past five days to search for people reported missing during extreme rainfall and mudslides. Relevant departments will do their best to determine the unfortunate situation, record it, and make recommendations where possible to prevent similar deaths from happening in the future.

Since the 14th of this month, extreme weather such as continuous heavy rainfall has caused British Columbia, which is located at the western tip of Canada and on the Pacific coast, to encounter rare severe floods, landslides, mudslides and other disasters. Approximately 18,000 people were forced to evacuate due to the flood. Nearly 10,000 houses were under evacuation orders or evacuation warnings. A large number of farm animals died in the floods. British Columbia declared a two-week state of emergency on the 17th.

In order to ensure disaster relief, British Columbia announced on the 19th that it will implement temporary fuel restrictions, and ordinary people’s vehicles are only allowed to buy 30 liters of fuel at gas stations each time. The measure is planned to be implemented for about 10 days. This has led to long queues at petrol stations in the Greater Vancouver area, and some petrol stations have sold out of fuel.

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At the same time, although some of the affected highway sections are gradually resuming traffic, British Columbia still prohibits vehicles that make “non-essential” trips from entering certain road sections. The province also reminded the public that drinking water wells in flood-affected areas may have been contaminated.

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning that heavy rain, strong winds and low temperatures are expected to sweep the northern coast of British Columbia and move south in recent days.

The Canadian federal government has deployed troops to assist in flood relief in British Columbia. The federal government and the province have also established a joint supply chain working group to promote the full restoration of logistics as soon as possible.

(Original title: Four deaths due to floods and geological disasters in British Columbia, Canada. The province implements an oil restriction order)

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