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France will severely punish “health pass” fraud and up to 10 years imprisonment_约合

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Original Title: France Will Severely Punish “Health Pass” Falsification Can Sentence Up to 10 Years Imprisonment

France: The surge in new confirmed cases has entered the fourth round of the new crown epidemic

Overseas Network, August 9thThe French Ministry of Justice issued a notice to local courts demanding severe punishment for fraudulent “health passes”.

According to the “Sunday” report, the agency that introduced the “Health Pass” in France has to check the certificate, but it cannot conduct identity verification. Only law enforcement officers can verify the identity of the holder of the “Health Pass”, which has triggered fraud. Worry. The French Ministry of Justice requires that people who try to use another person’s “health pass” to get through the customs will be fined 750 Euros (approximately RMB 5722.5); if the offence is repeated within 15 days, the fine will be increased to 1,500 Euros (approximately RMB 11,445); if The third violation within 30 days will result in a fine of 3750 euros (approximately 2,8612.5 yuan) and 6 months imprisonment. The same penalty will also apply to workers in industries that compulsorily vaccinate the new crown vaccine for fraudulent vaccination.

On the other hand, if employers of relevant institutions fail to fulfill their inspection obligations for employees to be vaccinated against the new crown or to hold a “health pass”, they will face a fine of 1,000 euros (approximately RMB 7,630), and three violations will face a fine of 9,000 euros (approximately 68,670 yuan). Renminbi) fines and one year’s imprisonment. For legal persons, the fine may be as high as 45,000 euros (about 343,000 yuan).

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The French Prime Minister’s Office stated that, in principle, this penalty mechanism will take effect at the same time as the new health bill, that is, starting on the 9th. However, according to French government spokesman Gabriel Atal, violations will be tolerated in the first week of the implementation of the new regulations.

The French judiciary also requires severe penalties for health workers who issue false certificates. For those who forge documents related to the “Health Pass”, it is recommended to be sentenced to 2 to 5 years in prison for the crime of “holding and using false documents”. If prosecuted in the name of “organized fraud”, they can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. . Recently, a vaccination worker in the Seine-Saint-Denis department of the Paris Region issued 200 false certificates, each sold at a price of 200 euros (approximately 1,526 yuan), and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Including one year’s actual sentence and a fine of 10,000 euros (approximately 76,300 yuan). (Overseas Network-Paris-Lu Jia)

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