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Fribourg-Gottéron wins 6-2 and marks its territory

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Fribourg-Gottéron wins 6-2 and marks its territory

Forgotten last season’s pre-play-off defeat against Lugano. Fribourg-Gottéron established itself as a boss during the first act of its quarter-final against the Ticino. A 6-2 victory marked by the seals of Wallmark and Sörensen.

Saturday evening, the show was not only on the ice, in the stands too. © keystone Saturday evening, the show was not only on the ice, in the stands too. © keystone

Published on 03/16/2024

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Some feared that the twelve days of “break” for Friborg would penalize them during this first act of the quarter-final against Lugano, this was not the case. The Dragons quickly showed their fangs by imposing their pace and, above all, by leaving no space for the very feverish Ticino. It was Maximilian Streule who scored the first goal for the 9,095 Friborg spectators. On a well-aimed pass from Chris DiDomenico, the young defender who has just renewed his contract for two more seasons took advantage of a masked Koskinen to open the scoring.

While everyone thought that the score would stay there for this first third, Luca Fazzini equalized with a precise shot with only… 32 seconds to play. Enough for Lucas Wallmark to give Friborg one step back before the first siren since the Swede scored 2-1 just 13 seconds after Fazzini’s success. The first Dragons trio was launched. Wallmark, Sörensen and Mottet released into the arena. The people of Ticino were unable to do anything. Two goals and an assist for the two Swedes, three assists for the Fribourgeois, four exceptional successes which offered this first act to Gottéron on a plateau.

At 5-1 in the 48th minute, the Mass was said, but the Luganese did not give up and Marco Müller was able to reduce the gap with just under 9 minutes remaining. Woke up too late. Because even when coach Luca Gianinazzi tried a poker game by removing his goalkeeper 3 minutes from the end during a numerical superiority of his flock, it was Gottéron who was able to take advantage. Mauro Jörg collected the puck with the tip of his cane to slip it to Samuel Walser: 6-2. This time the public could be sure, there would be no return from Lugano.

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The revenge is scheduled for Monday already, at Resega this time.

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