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Frigate “Hessen”: Mission in the Red Sea will be “an endurance test” | > – News – Lower Saxony

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Frigate “Hessen”: Mission in the Red Sea will be “an endurance test” |  > – News – Lower Saxony

As of: February 9, 2024 9:27 a.m

The frigate “Hessen” left Wilhelmshaven on Thursday. In the Red Sea, European warships are supposed to protect the sea route against Houthi rebels. The Bundestag must approve a military operation.

“A potential deployment in the Red Sea will represent another endurance test for the ship and crew,” said Frigate Captain Volker Kübsch, the commander of the “Hessen”. The militant Islamist Houthi militia from Yemen, which is allied with Iran, has been attacking merchant ships there for weeks. “The threat there is no longer abstract, it is very concrete and consists of a large number of weapons that were regularly used there,” said Kübsch. The EU states decided on the military operation on Thursday. The formal decision to start the operation is to be made at the next meeting of foreign ministers on February 19 in Brussels and German participation will then be decided on in the Bundestag.

Navy: Most serious mission in many decades

With regard to the capabilities of the ship and its crew, Kübsch explained: “You can rely on us in every respect.” He wanted to “ease some of the worries about us from all the friends and relatives of the crew.” “There is no unit in the German Navy that is better prepared, better trained and better equipped,” said German Navy Inspector Jan Christian Kaack on Thursday in Berlin. He added: “This is the most serious deployment of a German naval unit in many decades.”

VIDEO: Wilhelmshaven: Frigate “Hessen” launched towards the Red Sea (2 min)

Frigate “Hessen” is supposed to fulfill the “goalkeeping function”.

The “Hessen” was designed specifically for escort and maritime control. It is equipped, among other things, with anti-aircraft missiles that have a range of more than 160 kilometers. According to the Bundeswehr, it also has a radar that can monitor airspace the size of the North Sea. According to Kaack, the naval ship is intended to fulfill a goalkeeping function – that is, to fend off incoming missiles when accompanying merchant ships. According to the Federal Ministry of Defense, there are around 240 soldiers on board the frigate. In addition to the regular crew, this also included the team for two on-board helicopters, a team of doctors and a military chaplain.

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Rotes Meer is an important trade route

Many said goodbye to the crew of the “Hesse”.

Many comrades, family members and friends said goodbye to the crew of the “Hessen” on Thursday. Before the departure, Defense State Secretary Siemtje Möller (SPD) spoke of a “memorable day”. The order is essential. The Red Sea is one of the most important trade routes, which is also of great economic importance for the Federal Republic.

Attempts have been made to secure the sea route around Yemen since December

Shipping in the Red Sea has partially come to a standstill since the beginning of October due to attacks by the Houthi militia. The EU mission “Aspides” is intended to help protect merchant ships from attacks. Warships from an international coalition led by the US have been trying to secure the sea route on the Yemeni coast since December. The EU mission with three warships, escort aircraft and drones does not foresee any attacks on Houthi positions on land.

Houthi militia wants to end the Israeli offensive

In the Middle East war, the Houthi militia sees itself as part of the pro-Iranian “Axis of Resistance” directed against Israel. The militia wants to use its attacks to bring an end to the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Further information

Crisis areas will still be served, otherwise there is a risk of lawsuits for breach of contract, according to the Haren shipping companies. (01/19/2024) more

The “Hessen” was most recently the flagship of the NATO association in the North Atlantic. Cooperation was practiced during large-scale maneuvers. (01/10/2024) more

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Many relatives welcomed the approximately 230 soldiers. The ship will sail again in the new year. (December 22, 2023) more

News and background information on the subject of the German Navy at >. more

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