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TV Vision, “Behind the Curtain”, Francesco Toscano and Enrica Perucchietti with Fulvio Grimaldi and Giammarco Landi

Where we entertain you starting from the invective of Foreign Minister Lavrov against the Nazi resurgences in Italy, Germany, Japan, the infamous “Axis”, to complete the discussion on the totalitarianism of the “Four Cynics” who always try again and, of these times, in the NATO West, winds that are not exactly favorable are starting to find themselves in the sails.

In Canada, the government and parliament are celebrating a Ukrainian Nazi caryatid, a veteran of crimes committed while wearing an SS uniform. In Milan, Mayor Piddino Sala celebrates with a eulogistic exhibition the Nazi Ukrainian Azov battalion, whose frightening atrocities against the civilian population of Donbass (later saved from the Russian “invaders”) were still denounced yesterday by the UN and OSCE. The new planetary Pilgrim Madonna is a corrupt and bloodthirsty despot, Zelensky, who has sold himself to the foreign master a people who governs, without opposition and without mercy, as if he were Himmler

Authoritarianism with a brown shirt under its skin is on the march from Washington to Kiev, from Tel Aviv to the Rome of the neo-fascist premiership. exasperation of popular masses, indigenous and colonialized, at risk of explosion when faced with the evidence of their own annihilation, also through an increasingly unstoppable transfer of sovereignty and wealth from bottom to top.

Not only.

Capitalism, which has become financial and has total private hegemony, has become gangsterized and protects its historically determined agony through an unprecedented dimension of corruption. Think of the Nobel Prize winner who massacred or expropriated millions through half a dozen wars of aggression against innocent peoples. And he began the practice of extrajudicial executions based on his own “suspicion”. Or to Joe Biden, the political and moral reference of our world, and to his son Hunter, hanging on the gallows for what they have stolen from their own and other peoples. Authentic criminals, corrupt and corruptors, thieves and exterminators of legality are in the government of some of the most important states of the West and, in the suburbs, they maintain vassals of the same ilk in their employ.

Think about how the WHO is now planning to insert itself into this context, becoming a planetary dictator under the guise of caring for health, climate, ecology and social distress.

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In defense of such a lump of iniquity and abjection, absolute control is needed over the part of humanity that is its victim. A condition which is being realised, as made evident by the events in France, in Africa in the second half of its liberation, in the BRICS and in certain Latin America.

The episode ends with a round of considerations on the recently deceased so-called “King George”. In light of what was discussed above, we can only conclude, in the French way, with “tout se tient”. Let’s keep ourselves united and determined too. More than them, whatever the cost..

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