Home World From the TV series about Bandera to the cars of Togliattigrad: the black humor of Ukrainians at war

From the TV series about Bandera to the cars of Togliattigrad: the black humor of Ukrainians at war

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From the TV series about Bandera to the cars of Togliattigrad: the black humor of Ukrainians at war

DNIPRO – In war you can even laugh, even if they are cruel laughter, on the edge of the macabre, and sometimes forbidden to minors under the age of 18. One laughs at the corpses of others, thinking of their own, one laughs at rough, uncivilized, ignorant Russians, like those who in Bucha were surprised that Ukrainians had a bathroom in the house, instead of a hole in the garden. On the trains, sudden laughter breaks out when the closed-circuit TV broadcasts the series “Banderit Smusi“, Which can be translated as”the Bandera cocktail”, And the symbol is a Molotov cocktail. In one, an old woman surprises two Russians who are stealing preserves in the cellar. “We have come to save you”, they tell her. She takes out her shotgun, the two try to speak in her language, “Slava Ukraini!”, Glory to Ukraine, and “we keep for Bandera…”, but she’s not stupid, and shoots, bang.

Among the burned wounded in the Dnipro hospital who want to fight back

by our correspondent Brunella Giovara

Now, the nationalist Bandera is recognized by historians as a pro-Nazi, as well as a visceral anti-communist, and his gangs have collaborated in the extermination of 800,000 Jews and 100,000 Poles. And we also know that his figure is much loved in Ukraine, in an anti-Russian key, to the point that the YouTube channel of “Banderitske Smusi” is very popular, as well as on any train, between one advertisement and another, Ukrainians stay for hours. to look at episodes they already know. Not all of them, because many are too hard for public viewing, such as the one in which a farmer tells soldiers he needs to fertilize the fields, and the commander orders his men to give him twenty “Moskal” corpses, that is, Muscovites (others instead they are just patriotic, and even children can look at them). For the Russians, it is one of the proofs of Ukrainian Nazism, and therefore the justification of the “special operation”. For Ukrainian society it is the need to laugh, it is a very dark humor that comforts them a little, between one missile and another.

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Attacking from a distance: now, and better, Ukraine is doing it too. Which thus seeks the turning point against Russia

by Daniele Raineri

And the same explanation can be given to the case of “Lada Kalina white“, Produced in Togliatti (which we once called Togliattigrad), on the Volga. Three weeks ago, Russian national television broadcast a report from the home of Aleksey Malov, marines who died in Ukraine on February 26, two days after the war began. Parents are interviewed, pictures of the imposing funeral of the young man, who fought in the 56th VDV assault brigade, are seen, and the final question is: “Have you received compensation?”. Yes, the father replies, and shows what he bought with about 5 thousand dollars: a Lada Kalina, white “because my son loved this color”. He adds that with that they will go “to find the hero in the cemetery”. The interview sparked the Ukrainian reaction: memes that are now everywhere – online, but also on the walls – and also T-shirts that are seen around the boys. One looks like an advertisement: “Soon all over Russia there will be many cars like this”, and the writing on the side is “Thank you my son for the car”.

Then, there are softer things, which are a lot of fun for children. On “Banderitske”, a group of students connects with the professor, who is far away. A boy asks if he’s okay. “All right, as you know I work in command”. But then he sees where he is: with the helmet on his head, on a tank that starts slowly towards the front. And the episode in which we see a class at work with the teacher is also very popular, when a Russian soldier bursts in shouting: “We have come to save you!”. A second later he became a People’s Commissar of the USSR, with the red star on his cap, throwing a hand grenade between the feet of the boys. A nightmare of the past. The next day the teacher goes to enlist.

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