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G20 in Bali kicks off on Tuesday, Putin will not be there. War and recession are the hot topics

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G20 in Bali kicks off on Tuesday, Putin will not be there.  War and recession are the hot topics

Asia is, in these hours, a battleground on the stabilization of the world economy, debt relief, the balance between superpowers and the reaction to the unexpected factor that has messed up the global cards: the Russian attack on Ukraine, nine months ago, with its heavy repercussions on energy and food shortages.

Bilateral between Biden and Xi on the eve of the G20

Among the big names, at the Asean summit on Sunday 13 November in Cambodia in Phnom Penh to discuss the crisis in Myanmar, tensions in the South China Sea, recovery from the pandemic, regional trade and the fight against climate change, there is only Joe Biden who on Monday 14 will meet, for the first time as president of the United States, the Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

The Bali Summit

A historic bilateral event on the eve of the G20 which opens on November 15 in Bali, Indonesia. An overture worthy of a Summit that looks particularly hot given the list of problems: global financial instability and an impending recession, world hunger exacerbated by the conflict on Europe’s doorstep, growing tensions in Asia, the fight against climate change, the social turmoil triggered by the pandemic. A G20 among the most complex in the 14 years of life of a multilateral institution that in Indonesia will have to seek confirmation of the reasons for its existence and find the antidote to new risks, Sri Lanka’s dramatic default is still an open wound.

Putin stone guest

The guest of stone is the belligerent Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has called out “for other commitments”, but those who participate will not be enough to build bridges of gold for the fleeing enemy. On the other hand, it will be necessary, with a disrupted agenda, to reach coordination on policies even if, this time, according to the experts, it is to be excluded that there is a final communiqué.

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The crux of tensions with China

Reducing tensions with China is one of the most important points of the G20. If the military leaders have not spoken to each other since last July due to the unilateral decision of Beijing, annoyed by the visit to Taiwan – considered Chinese territory – of the speaker of the Congress Nancy Pelosi, the two leaders, Biden and Xi, both arrived on the eve of the G20 strengthened, will speak to each other. at home. Xi Jinping re-elected Communist Party Secretary for the third time by the 20th Congress, Joe Biden with a better-than-expected performance from the Midterm elections. But both are overwhelmed by the effects of an economy that is struggling to restart, China threatened by the outbreaks of Covid-19, the US fighting against galloping inflation. If it will be important for Xi Jinping to reaffirm his position on Taiwan, it will be crucial for Biden to be able to keep the point of the entire agenda.

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