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G7, the issue of post-Brexit relations between London and the EU breaks out

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Work began this morning in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, on the second day of the summit of the G7 leaders under the British presidency with the presence of Prime Minister Mario Draghi for Italy. After the economy, we turn to foreign and health policy. There are also leaders from Australia, South Africa, South Korea and India, the latter remotely. Among the topics: the commitment to prevent a new pandemic, and the challenge and threats posed by China and Russia, with Biden pressing allies to counter Beijing.

The confrontation over Northern Ireland

The post-Brexit issues between Britain and the European Union, which are also referred to as the “sausage war”, raid the G7 in Cornwall. The atmosphere could be ruined by the outcome of the talks on the full implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol scheduled for the end of June but which London is ready to unilaterally postpone to avoid the ban on the passage of frozen meat across the Irish Sea, in fact the border between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The EU, in turn, has anticipated its intention to respond to any violations of the agreement signed by Johnson himself.

“Forward on growth”. Draghi leads the G7 on post-Covid relaunch

by our correspondents Tommaso Ciriaco, Antonello Guerrera

During a bilateral meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron invited Johnson to “respect his word”, a necessary condition for a relaunch of relations between the two countries. And the presidents of the Council and the European Commission, Charles Michel and Ursula Von der Leyen, also spoke on the subject in a tweet with images of their meeting with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at the G7: “The Good Friday agreement and the peace on the island of Ireland is of prime importance. We have negotiated a protocol that preserves it, signed and ratified by the EU and the UK. We want the best possible relations with the UK. Both sides must implement what has been agreed. Up this is full unity of the EU “.

The British replica

Johnson, also bilaterally with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said London’s position on the Protocol is to “maintain both the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United Kingdom”, that “compromises on all sides” are needed and that is committed to finding “practical solutions”.

For the leadership of NATO it is an Italian-English challenge. “It’s up to a woman”

by our correspondent Claudio Tito

The Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, however, has returned to using harsh words. EU leaders “may be more pragmatic about the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, in a way that is beneficial to all, or they may be stubborn and purist about it. In this case, I fear we will not allow the UK integrity is being threatened, “he told the microphones of Bbc Radio4.

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