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Gas, optimism for an agreement on the EU plan within the day

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Gas, optimism for an agreement on the EU plan within the day

“I foresee that today we will have an interesting political discussion” on the EU emergency plan on gas “because the member states have different starting positions, but I expect a political agreement at the end of the day”. This was said by the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, arriving at the extraordinary Energy Council in Brussels. “It is important to underline that now the filling of underground gas deposits continues” and has reached “at 66%”, Simson stressed, indicating that “in recent weeks the Member States have managed to attract more gas than they consume in the summer. “.

Spain: new, more balanced package

Optimism also on the part of Spain which in recent days had shown itself against the first formulation of the plan. “I believe that we will have an agreement” today on the EU gas emergency plan because “we all believe that when someone asks for help they must be helped” and among European ministers “this spirit will prevail and not the difficulties that each one may have”. This was stated by the Minister of Energy of Spain, Teresa Ribera Rodriguez, arriving at the extraordinary Council.

Spain is among the countries that in recent days had explicitly opposed the first version of the plan presented by the European Commission. The new draft put on the table by the Czech EU presidency is now “much more balanced”, it is “an extremely delicate package that has been taken care of by everyone and, although it does not fully satisfy anyone, it can be a meeting point very positive, on which to continue to build », he observed. “I am optimistic and I believe it is a very important step forward for the good of the EU, for energy security and for tackling together this very difficult geopolitical context”, she added.

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Ireland, solidarity also with Germany

The EU plan to save gas for next winter is not only aimed at helping Germany, given that “Austria has an even greater exposure to Russian gas” than that of Berlin. “But, yes, there is solidarity and, even if it is one of the largest members, it is appropriate to show solidarity” towards Germany, “because in solidarity we all grow”. This was underlined by the Irish Minister of the Environment Eamon Ryan, who is also leader of the Green Party, the Irish Greens, on the sidelines of the extraordinary Energy Council in Brussels.

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