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Gaza, naked corpses with hands tied behind their backs: the UN calls for an independent investigation into the mass graves in Khan Younis

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Gaza, naked corpses with hands tied behind their backs: the UN calls for an independent investigation into the mass graves in Khan Younis

The United Nations they invoke a “credible and independent investigation” on mass graves discoveries a Khan Yunis, where they were found at the time 310 corpses buried in the area ofNasser hospital. An investigation that becomes necessary at this point given that, as revealed by the UN human rights officer, Volker Turkcited by Guardianamong those victims there were some denudate or were found with the hands tied behind his back. Images that make you think about war crimes whose responsibility is still to be attributed, while the Israel Defense Forceswho carried out raids on the facility with the people who were there stripped, beaten and humiliatedwho claim they were not involved in any mass killing in Khan Younis hospital.

Turk said, “horrified” from the destruction of the Nasser and al-Shifa health facilities in the Gaza Strip and from the news on the reported discovery of mass graves. He called for an independent, valid and transparent investigation: “Given the prevailing climate of impunitythis should include international investigators“, said the High Commissioner, relaunching the request for a cease-fire immediate with the release of the hostages held in the Gaza Strip since the October 7 attack. This is “extremely worrying” news and requires “once again” that “all these sites be thoroughly investigated”, declared the spokesperson of the UN General Secretariat Stephane Dujarric. “It is one more reason to underline the need for a ceasefire, for an end to the conflict, because we need greater access for humanitarian personnel, greater protection for hospitals. It is necessary that the hostages are freed.”

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On the other hand, the IDF denied any involvement in the discovery of the bodies in mass graves dug in the Khan Yunis hospital complex. “The claim that the IDF buried the Palestinians is completely baseless“, the Israeli forces said. The IDF clarified that during the operation in the area of ​​the Nasser hospital, corpses buried by Palestinians were examined “as part of an effort to locate the hostages“. The Israeli army specified that it operated in “targeted manner” inside the hospital complex, only where he had information on the possible presence of the hostages’ bodies. “The exams were carried out in an orderly manner, respecting the dignity of the deceased and in a respectful manner”, added the Israeli forces, highlighting that the bodies were “returned to their place in an orderly and correct manner”.

Meanwhile, one tent city is under construction near Khan Yunis while the announced Israeli army offensive against the southern city of Rafah. Satellite photos by Planet Labs PBCanalyzed by Associated Press, show construction of a tent complex beginning as early as April 16 just west of Khan Yunis. The images taken last Sunday demonstrate how the tent city has grown over time. For the Wall Street Journalwhich cites Egyptian officials, Israel is thus preparing to move civilians in Khan Yunis and other areas where it plans to set up shelter tents, food distribution centers and medical facilities such as field hospitals. According to sources, the operation of evacuation it will last two or three weeks in coordination with the United States, Egypt and other Arab countries such as Emirati. Rafah is home to half of the 2.3 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip: many fled here during the war. The US has repeatedly said that any Israeli military operation must protect civilians.

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From the United Nations, specifically from the Palestinian Refugee Agency (Unrwa) also comes another accusation against Israel: they have defined a “drop in the ocean” the reopening of four bakeries in northern Gaza thanks to the support of the World Food Program (WFP), stating however that the Israeli authorities continue to prevent food convoys from reaching the north of the Strip: “We need a safe and obstacle-free access. Food supplies are a matter of life and death.” The UN agency itself has been the subject of criticism from the United States which demands “real progress” before restoring the funds, as said by White House deputy spokesman Andrew Bates. “American funding for the UN agency is still suspended,” added the spokesperson for the American National Security Council, John Kirbyreiterating that the Biden administration “wants to see real progress before changing its opinion.”

A Tel Aviv However, there are those who have put the United Nations in their sights. One of these is the Foreign Minister, Israel Katzwho returns to attack the secretary general Antonio Guterres. This time the accusation is even that of being “alongside the rapists and murderers of Hamas“for refusing to include the terrorist group in the list of organizations suspected by the United Nations of having committed violent acts of a sexual nature during the conflict.” Guterres, Katz underlines, “refused to recognize the responsibility of Hamas for the serious sexual crimes mentioned in the Patten report and to declare it a terrorist organization. I am convinced that if the crimes of the Nazi regime were discussed during his time in office, he would refuse to condemn them even if his political interests required it. Guterres has transformed the UN into an extremely institution anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and his period in office will be remembered as the darkest in the history of the organization.”

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And as the war continues, so does the death toll: 32 people have been killed in Israeli attacks in the last 24 hours, leading to 34.183 the number of Palestinians killed in the Strip since the beginning of the conflict. This is the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip, which also reports 59 wounded in the last 24 hours and an overall toll of 77,143 wounded since the start of the war. The Ministry of Health also says that women and children make up about two-thirds of victims.

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