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Gb, Wave of suicides at the prestigious university of Cambridge

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Gb, Wave of suicides at the prestigious university of Cambridge

LONDRA. Five students at Cambridge University have reportedly committed suicide in the past 4 months. Disturbing numbers, which led to the opening of an internal investigation, supported by the British public health “NHS”. There would be no links between the five tragic cases, which occurred between March and June of this year, young people who attended different colleges in the university galaxy and, officially, the Coroner has so far declared one as “suicide” and the other “suspects suicides “. But the alarm went off in the glorious university, world excellence in England together with Oxford, given that the numbers are even more worrying when compared with the latest national trends: according to the national statistical institute Ons, in the academic year ended in 2020 there had been “just” three suicides for every 100,000 students, the lowest in the past four years. In Cambridge, however, if you take the last four months, the trend is tragically opposite.

“We are shocked and shocked by the tragic death of five students in recent months,” Professor Graham Virgo, former vice rector of the university for education, “our thoughts go out to the families. There is no link between suspected suicide deaths, but we are doing our utmost to ensure that such cases never happen again. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and health of our students. We are working on a series of measures in this sense ”. And that is, according to the Guardian, to special university consultations dedicated to students, to immediately identify cases of psychic and mental distress and therefore prevent extreme gestures by children.

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Mental and psychological problems as a post-pandemic consequence, among other things? Or hyper-competition at the university? Speculating on the reasons for this dramatic trend at Cambridge University at this time is not indicated, also because every single case of this tragic wave of suicides or alleged suicides has different motivations and backgrounds from the others. Certainly, however, Virgo continued, “in various British and international universities, we see a growing number of young people who ask for mental support after suffering from mental problems”.

“We shouldn’t speculate on these heartbreaking incidents, but clearly there is a mental health crisis in Cambridge,” said the university’s student association, which criticized the university’s suicide prevention plan, according to the boys. watered down by the reaction of the top management of some colleges “. Among the last five deaths, there are Daniel Fry20, a second-year history student at Homerton college in Cambridge, who allegedly took his own life last March, and Yasmin Lajoie, 34, human, social and political sciences freshman at Hughes Hall, found dead last March. Before them, the UK had shocked the case of Natasha Abrahart20, one of 11 students at Bristol University who killed herself between 2016 and 2018.

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