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Germany, attack on board a train: several passengers stabbed

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Fear, this morning after 9 am, on the ICE 928 high-speed train that traveled the Regensburg-Nuremberg section in Bavaria. On board, a man armed with a knife attacked the passengers. Three injured, two in serious condition but not in danger of life according to what has been reported by Bild. The train is stopped in the station of Seubersdorf, in the district of Neumarkt, the whole area around has been cordoned off by the police who intervened with a large deployment of forces together with the emergency services, after receiving a call at 9.20. The attacker, a 27-year-old of Arab origin, was arrested. Apparently he had psychological problems. For now, the police tend to rule out the terrorist hypothesis. Currently, added the police, there is no longer any danger. The agents are searching the train, the approximately 2,000 passengers have been taken off the train and transferred to a restaurant, assisted with drinks. Several buses stop outside the venue to take you in the direction of Nuremberg or Regensburg. A German Railways spokesman said the Regensburg-Nuremberg line was closed shortly after 9, and that trains running on the same line were stopped at various stations.

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