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Germany launches natural gas first-level emergency plan, calling on people to save energy

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[Global Times Special Correspondent Aoki in Germany]German TV 1 reported on March 31 that German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Habeck announced on March 30 that Germany launched a natural gas emergency plan, calling on the public to save energy. , and also offers energy-saving tips.

The German natural gas emergency plan is divided into three levels: early warning, alarm and emergency. The early warning phase stipulates that natural gas companies still supply gas, and gas transmission network operators report supply conditions to the federal government at least once a day. Once the natural gas supply situation deteriorates to an emergency stage, the German government will intervene. Measures include allocating domestic gas supply, giving priority to households, hospitals and key institutions.

In order to allow ordinary people to effectively save energy, consumer consulting centers across Germany have announced various energy-saving tips on March 31. For example, lowering the heating temperature setting by 1 degree will reduce energy consumption by about 6%; heating only when someone is at home, sealing doors and windows, and drying clothes in the sun; unplugging electronic products when not in use; Meals for days etc. Many environmental groups also recommend eating less meat and more organic food, without air conditioning, etc.

Due to rising energy prices, German households have also recently seen a boom in installing solar power systems. At present, more than 300,000 households in Germany have installed solar power generation systems. These power generation systems cost between 20,000 and 40,000 euros and include solar panels and a smart battery storage device. This electricity can not only be used by one’s own home, but also can be sold to the state. Many rural residents also use wind energy, animal manure, etc. to generate electricity.

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