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Germany newly diagnosed in a single day and hit a record high Merkel warns that the fourth wave of epidemic is coming

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Original title: Germany’s new diagnosis in a single day hits a new high

  (Fighting new crown pneumonia) Germany newly diagnosed in a single day and hit a new high

China News Service, Berlin, November 17 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German disease control agency announced on the 17th that the number of newly diagnosed new coronavirus infections was 52,826, once again setting the country’s record for the number of new diagnoses in a single day since the outbreak. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the country’s epidemic situation is very severe and that the fourth wave of the epidemic has already hit.

The German disease control agency Robert Koch Institute announced that the number of new diagnoses and new deaths were 52,826 and 294 respectively. As of that day, a total of 5,129,950 people were diagnosed and 98,274 people died. Among them, the country’s official “accumulated number of newly confirmed cases per 100,000 people in seven days” (incidence rate index) used to monitor the severity of the epidemic rose to 319.5 on the same day, which also refreshed its extreme value since the epidemic. There were 96 new patients requiring ICU intensive care treatment, bringing the total number to 3376. As of that day, Germany had received 115.7 million doses of the new crown vaccine, and a total of 56.3 million people had been fully vaccinated, accounting for about 67.7% of the country’s total population.

Merkel, who is currently the guardian of the German government’s cabinet, made the aforementioned remarks when attending the conference of the German Cities Federation in a video that day. Merkel said that not only did the epidemic have no past, on the contrary, the current epidemic situation is very severe. “The fourth wave of epidemics in our country has already hit.” She said that she will hold an epidemic prevention policy meeting with the governors of various states in a day’s time. This meeting is of great significance on the one hand, but also “too late” on the other.

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She called on the German states to determine an epidemic prevention alert value as soon as possible, and additional epidemic prevention measures should be taken after reaching this value to avoid overloading medical institutions. She said that if you wait until the intensive care beds in the hospital are full before taking action, the consequences will be catastrophic.

In addition to holding consultations on epidemic prevention policies between the federal government and the states on the 18th, the Bundestag is expected to vote on the amendments to the epidemic prevention law proposed by the three parties (the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party) of the “Traffic Light” coalition that have a majority of seats after the general election. According to German media reports, the Coalition Party, which became a minority party in Congress after the election, stated that it would not rule out “blocking” the bill in the Federal Senate unless the former makes corresponding amendments to the bill.

Analysts pointed out that due to the long delay in the negotiation of the formation of the cabinet after the German general election, the debate surrounding the next step of the epidemic prevention policy has essentially evolved into a game between the ruling and opposition parties bypassing the current guard cabinet and directly playing in the parliament. (over)

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