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Germany’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine faces protests

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Germany’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine faces protests

On April 28, local time, the German Bundestag passed the resolution on Ukraine with 586 votes in favor, 100 votes against and 7 abstentions, officially approving the “continued supply of weapons to Ukraine, accelerated delivery where possible, and the scope of delivery.” expanded to include heavy weapons”. This move led to protests by many Germans. On April 30, local time, German Foreign Minister Berberk advocated the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine at a speech event, which was protested by hundreds of people in the audience.

Tens of thousands of Germans sign against the government’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

According to Russian media reports, as of April 30, local time, more than 77,000 Germans had signed a petition website asking the German government not to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons.

According to the report, the signatories said that the German government’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine could trigger a third world war, which they do not want to see.

On April 26, German Defense Minister Lambrecht said that Germany has decided to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons such as “Cheetah” anti-aircraft tanks. Previously, Germany only provided Ukraine with military equipment such as anti-tank weapons and protective equipment, excluding heavy weapons such as tanks.

German foreign minister’s support for supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine is met with protests

According to German media reports, German Foreign Minister Bell Berke made remarks in support of the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine when he attended an event in northern Germany on April 30, but was interrupted by the audience, and about 150 protesters honked their car horns and shouted. Shout out protest slogans and express dissatisfaction. Bell Burke canceled another event scheduled for the day due to safety concerns.

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