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Gerry Scotti, the pain of separation from his wife: “I was ashamed”

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Gerry Scotti, the pain of separation from his wife: “I was ashamed”

Although always smiling, Gerry Scotti experienced a profound moment of pain when he separated from his ex-wife, Patricia Grosso. In fact, after the birth of their firstborn Edoardo, Patrizia and Gerry experienced a profound crisis within their marriage, so much so that they reached a definitive break. All because Patrizia confesses to Gerry that she loves another man, news that inevitably shocked the conductor.

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The truth

«We didn’t get along anymore, partly because of me, work absorbed me a lot. And my wife asked for a separation because she had found another person » Gerry Scotti told Vanity Fair. “I have suffered very much, I would not have wanted to be separated from my son» confides the presenter. «But how many friends have found themselves at the age of 40 on mum’s sofa and crossing the city to see the children?» Scotti explains again.

The details

The relationship between Gerry Scotti and Patrizia Grosso lasted more than ten years, but over time the distance and the lack of complicity led to an inevitable break. In a recent interview by Silvia Toffanin to “Verissimo” Gerry had confessed: «he asked for the separation because he had found another person. When I realized that a vase had broken that would never fix again, I suffered a lot. I’ve never been ashamed of anything, but when I separated and then divorced, I was ashamed that I had finished my family history. I had to pack my bags and leave my house, the place where my son was born and lived.”

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