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Get to know the three most widely used AI applications in society

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Get to know the three most widely used AI applications in society

It is recorded that 45% of Indonesian people with the status of workers and entrepreneurs have accessed the Ai application as their “friend” in completing their work. This fact is detailed in more detail by ranking Ai applications based on the highest number of accesses in 2023 by Populix.

There are seven applications identified as popular Ai applications as of 2023. Chat GPT seems to confirm market trends by “dominating” the survey, with 52%, followed by Copy.ai with 49% access by the public, while Outmatch is the application that is still ranked. bottom with total access of only 11%.

Get to Know the Top Three AI Applications, People’s Most Friendly Ones!

1. Chat GPT

Released in November 2022 by OpenAi, Chat GPT has become a hot topic among social media users. Its release was something that was greeted with a “wave of pros and cons” among the public. These pros and cons cannot be separated from ethical issues in using the application.

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is artificial intelligence in form chatbot. Based on the type, users usually access the application in the form of prompting or users only need to provide “instructions” in written form, according to Sam Altman’s statement that this application was produced to understand “human language”.

Sam Altman responded firmly to the ethical issue that was once hotly debated even today by cyberspace, that even though Chat GPT is an artificial “intelligence” product, this application should not be believed to be able to surpass the human thinking system itself.

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Sam Altman emphasized that the existence of Chat GPT is not completely different from the new wave that occurred when Google appeared as a search engine.

“Society only needs to embrace technological advances, with good tools they should try to further increase their creativity and potential as humans, in line with the increasing increase in technological innovations,” said Sam with his artificial intelligence product which can produce musical works, work on coding systems and ideas. campaign.

2. Copy.ai

Called the “best friend”. copywriter, writers, marketers and other content creators. This AI application is focused on helping and making it easier for today’s “digital writers” to achieve productivity effectiveness and efficiency.

Application by type prompting This is quite different from Chat GPT, which is related to the focus or scope of work. Chat GPT still does not emphasize its concentration focus on a particular field, while Copy.ai specializes in writing activities including writing blogs, product descriptions, emails/other electronic mail, and so on.

The existence of this application is of course also relevant to the existence of job trends in the marketing sector itself. Glints released that professions in the digital marketing sphere include copywriter, content writerand so on are included as digital work trends as of 2023.

3. Luminar Ai

Luminar Ai is in the top three Ai applications based on the most access in Indonesia, with a performance that is quite different from the previous two rankings. Luminar Ai positions itself in software with a work focus, namely image editing.

This application can be considered a “work companion” for workers with a background as image editors, photographers, or workers with relevant job descriptions.

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Luminar Ai is considered a breakthrough artificial intelligence application in the image editor space that successfully combines the typical technologies of the past but moves forward into the future in creating an innovative image editing experience with artificial intelligence.

Based on the Ai application ranking above, what applications have so far been your “loyal” co-workers?

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