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Get to know what Silent Majority is, a term that appears in elections

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Get to know what Silent Majority is, a term that appears in elections

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Elections for president-vice president and legislative members will be held on February 14 2024.

After the voting was completed, it was now being enlivened by the term “silent majority”. But what is it? silent majority?



The term silent majority is being widely used by people regarding political dynamics and general elections in Indonesia. The following is an explanation of the silent majority summarized by various sources.

Understanding silent majority

Silent majority is a term in English which, when translated into Indonesian, means the silent majority.

So, what is the silent majority? Reported Encyclopaedia Britannicathe silent majority refers to the large portion of society who have certain political preferences but are reluctant to express their choices openly.

The silent majority phenomenon is considered difficult to predict through opinion polls or electability surveys ahead of the election because it is deliberately silent or does not show anything at all.

The history of the emergence of the term silent majority

The term silent majority was first used politically by Warren Harding in his 1919 campaign.

Then in the 1960s, the term silent majority emerged again and gained attention after it was used by Richard Nixon in a speech broadcast on television.

Nixon used the term silent majority as a way to rally the enthusiasm of voters who might not have voted because they were dissatisfied with the election.

In a speech in 1969, Nixon used the term to appeal to voters who supported him.

Until now, the term silent majority is considered not foreign to use in the realm of politics and elections. In fact, it has been widely used in various countries, including Indonesia.

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Example silent majority in the election

An example of a silent majority in this election is related to people in large groups who privately express their support for one of the candidate pairs (paslon).

This silent majority group tends to choose to keep their opinions private and may not express support openly for various reasons.

The results of the silent majority decision will only be seen on voting day. In addition, surveys and opinion polls are not necessarily able to accurately measure the preferences of the silent majority.

The impact of silent majority

The attitude of the silent majority or the silent majority in the context of elections can have an impact. Summarized from various sources, here are some of the impacts of the silent majority in elections.

  • Votes from the silent majority group are difficult to detect in opinion polls so they can create surprises in the election results.
  • Causing controversy because it is difficult to verify the claims of the silent majority.
  • Often used as a political narrative by certain candidates to claim a larger mass base.
  • Making election results less predictable due to the effect of this ‘silent’ vote.
  • Candidates who are able to attract support from the silent majority have the opportunity to win the election because they represent the voice of the silent majority.
  • That is an explanation of what the silent majority that appears in the elections is.


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