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Ginestà, review of his album Vida Meva (2024)

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Ginestà, review of his album Vida Meva (2024)

Ginestà They return after their last great job, “I guess that’s what love is” (Kasba Music, 22). It was not easy for the two brothers to match the success achieved with their last album, but the truth is that with “My Life”, They have taken a logical step in their career, meeting the great expectations generated around this new album.

In their previous reference they gave us lessons on what love was like in current times through a story, a story whose end we know in these new thirteen songs. In the first six compositions we find more romantic and special themes in which we notice that, little by little, that love that was presented to us in such a special way is breaking, reaching its end in “Destiny”. In the second half of the album they tell us about a love understood since the breakup and that overcomes the barrier of romantic love to become a brotherly love with songs like “Mama” o “Julia” (song that Pau dedicates to his sister, and half of Ginestàwhich he had not heard until the release of the album, giving it a more special touch), to end by talking about how, the most important thing, is self-love and being good with the people around you in “My luck”.

We are talking about how they have dared to make a conceptual album about love that in turn serves to close the narrative circle that they opened two years ago. But, with which they have taken another step within their sound. They are still tied to pop, but they have moved away from the more poetic sounds like Ferran Palau that they had in their compositions, to embrace faster rhythms that take them out of a comfort zone to which we were accustomed. Furthermore, to explore even more new sounds, they have had the collaboration of up to four totally different artists among them: Their sister, Maio, collaborates on the family “Mama”, giving an even more beautiful touch to the piece; Triquell, who gets on “Under the spotlight”, a hint more of his style than that of the brothers and that suits him perfectly; Maria Hein, who collaborates on a song with a more popular folklore feel, “The birds”; and, without a doubt, the most surprising collaboration, that of Niña Polaca in “One step with you”, in which they sing in Catalan and in which their voices blend perfectly, resulting in one of the most surprising rarities of this beginning of the year.

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So, “my life” is the album that underlines that Ginestà They are one of the groups in the best condition on the current Catalan scene and are now ready to perform in larger venues in Catalonia and, why not, begin to leave their mark outside Catalan lands.

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