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Girlfriend of Majestic, Mexican freestyler, shares heartbreaking message after his sudden death | PHOTO

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Girlfriend of Majestic, Mexican freestyler, shares heartbreaking message after his sudden death |  PHOTO

The singer had a promising career in the music industry. (Instagram: @_elmaje)

During the morning of this Tuesday, February 20, unfortunate news emerged for the national artistic environment and freestyle lovers: Majestic died at the age of 24 after suffering an accident on the beaches of Huatulco, Oaxaca.

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The unfortunate news was confirmed by comedian Franco Escamilla through social networks: “I’m waking up with the news that Maje got ahead of us on the road. My condolences to her family and friends, I wish them a quick resignation. RIP Majestic, the free is in mourning.”

Majestic and his girlfriend had been in a loving relationship for four years. (Instagram: @reeptaar)

Hours after the unfortunate news broke, the rapper’s girlfriend reappeared on her official Instagram account to share moving words in memory of her boyfriend:

“I love you my love. I love you completely, thank you for allowing me to love you and love me. You saved my life so many times. Fly high, my love, we will see each other another time, I know.”

Marlenne also published a photograph where she appears with Óscar Alan Vázquez Díaz (the rapper’s real name) on a beach. It is unknown when she took this selfie with her cell phone, however, there is a possibility that they posed together before the singer suffered a tragic accident at sea.

(Instagram: @reeptaar)

That was not all, Marlenne took advantage of her social networks to make a call to all the singer’s loved ones and fans: “Friends, I ask you for a lot of light for my Majestic. If you are able to light a candle for him, I would greatly appreciate it.”

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He also asked for donations to cover Majestic’s funeral expenses. And apparently he does not have enough money to be able to move the deceased rapper from Oaxaca to Mexico City or Morelos.

“People, thank you for your messages. Right now we are solving everything we can. Economically, the transfer and the pantheon are becoming more complicated. If you would like to help, I would truly appreciate it,” he said.

(Instagram: @reeptaar)

Óscar Alan Vázquez Díaz was born in the Iztapalapa delegation of Mexico City (CDMX). When he was a child, he moved with his parents to Cuernavaca, Morelos, where he completed his academic studies and began to take his first steps in the music industry.

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When he was around 20 years old, he returned to CDMX to start working on his dream of becoming an artist and soon his efforts paid off, as in 2023 he became national runner-up in a freestyle tournament.

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