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Gladbach star: Despite the offer! No change to FC Bayern

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Gladbach star: Despite the offer!  No change to FC Bayern

After Borussia Mönchengladbach’s 2-1 defeat against FC Bayern Munich on September 2, 2023, there was a lot of applause from the fans, but no celebration of winning a point.

Max Eberl (50) knows him very well, but the two of them don’t take the same step, at least at first.

The story between Max Eberl and FC Bayern Munich is well known. Many years after his departure as a young player and several years in charge of Borussia Mönchengladbach, he is now back.

Gladbach before the highlight at FC Bayern Munich – special anecdote about the foal professional

For a long time it looked as if Eberl would remain loyal to the foals forever. He was employed by the foals for a total of 23 years at a time. Borussia’s current star hasn’t even been around that long.

Rocco Reitz (21) moved to the Fohlen at the age of seven and came to his childhood club shortly after Eberl was promoted from youth director to Bundesliga manager.

Reitz is one of the absolute starters in the current Bundesliga season – and is now also a U21 national player. Curious: Reitz almost once went the route from Borussia to Bayern.

As the Borussia top performer already said in a conversation with the portal “Transfer market“Confirmed, FC Bayern wanted to sign both Rocco and his younger brother Tony (19) when both were still playing in the Borussia youth team.

Tony has also been playing senior football at Borussia since last summer; he is part of the U23 squad and has also appeared in test matches for the Bundesliga team.

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A few years ago it was legendary trainer Herrmann Gerland (69) who looked after the Reitz brothers when a move from the Lower Rhine to the south became an issue. However, despite a visit to Säbener Strasse, this never came about.

What became public shortly before the direct duel between Reitz’s foal and FC Bayern was the background to the cancellation of the two midfield talents.

In a current issue of the magazine “11FriendsReitz isn’t just the cover star – Bayern’s interest is also an issue. For the first time there are details about Reitz’s rejection – according to this, the request fell at the time when Rocco and Tony’s parents were separating.

It’s understandable that this was anything but an easy time for the two young people – moving several hundred kilometers to the south of the Republic under these circumstances was “not a good idea”, according to the report.

One consequence of the separation was that Rocco lived with his father from then on – Tony lived with his mother. Nevertheless, as numerous situations at Borussia Park show, they are basically inseparable.

Both went their own way in the years that followed – in the Borussia jersey. Now Rocco has his first opportunity to shine in the stadium of the big FC Bayern.

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