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Global Energy Internet and Inclusive, Just, and Resilient Energy Transformation at COP28

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Global Energy Internet Promotes Inclusive, Just and Resilient Transformation of Energy

Dubai, December 6 – The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization held a themed event on December 5 to coincide with the Energy Day of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The event, titled “Global Energy Internet Promotes Inclusive, Just and Resilient Transformation of Energy,” featured representatives from relevant United Nations agencies, regional and international organizations in the energy field, as well as government officials from China, Egypt, South Africa, and other countries, in addition to energy and power companies.

Xin Baoan, Chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization and Chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, emphasized the importance of the Global Energy Internet as part of the new energy system, promoting clean energy production, electrification of energy consumption, wide-area energy allocation, and digitalization of energy business formats. This, he explained, effectively coordinates the relationship between security and transformation, development and emission reduction, stock and increase, and provides a Chinese solution for promoting high-quality and efficient energy transformation and carbon emission reduction.

Xie Zhenhua, China’s special envoy for climate change affairs, stressed the need for global cooperation in energy transition, urging all parties to take responsibility for protecting the well-being of future generations and contributing to the systemic transformation of the economy, society, environment, and health.

Li Junhua, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, highlighted the importance of energy in achieving the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, indicating that the interconnection of global energy infrastructure will accelerate the development of clean energy in various countries, reduce the cost of energy services, and make a significant contribution to promoting energy transformation.

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Laura Dashti, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, emphasized the common task facing all parties in achieving a just and inclusive energy transition. She called for the integration of climate action with the Sustainable Development Goals and urged collaboration to transform the energy sector into a solution for achieving climate goals and building a resilient, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

During the summit dialogue, Tatiana Molchian, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and Malawi Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola discussed the policies, legal frameworks, and partnerships needed to achieve sustainable energy transformation and strengthen interconnection.

The event also saw the release of the report “Global Energy Inclusive, Just and Resilient Transformation – Plans and Practices” by the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, which proposes promoting inclusive, just, and resilient energy transformation through the collaboration between clean energy and fossil energy, energy and industry, and energy and meteorology. The report aims to build a modern energy system that is safe, economical, smart, green, and open.

The event underscored the importance of international cooperation and the role that the Global Energy Internet will play in accelerating green and low-carbon development and building a clean and beautiful world.

[Source: “People’s Daily,” Page 17, December 07, 2023]

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